The painless way to clean microfiber furniture!

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


So, we have these chairs. We’ve had them for about 8 years now. They’re microfiber and they’re great and they really don’t show the mess too much if you keep them vacuumed. Microfiber is really popular because for the most part it’s pretty easy to take care of like that and it can look really good for a long time. Until it gets really dirty. Or you get a dog. And then the madness that ensues is embarrassing. Proof to follow.

So here are the chairs in question:

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


And here was the problem:

(If you ever come to visit me and ever sit on these chairs, you’d better look away now. Like really away. Just stop reading.)

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


As you can see, this has kind of become Chuck’s chair.

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


So what do you do when you get into a situation like that? To the google-mobile!

If you look up how to clean microfiber, you’ll find all kinds of great advice. The thing with microfiber is that cleaning it with water doesn’t really work that well because you’ll end up with water spots wherever you wet it. A lot of people recommend using Windex because it dries so quickly, although that can be a problem if you have light-colored furniture because Windex often has color in it that can discolor the microfiber. A lot of other people also recommend using rubbing alcohol, again because it cleans well and dries quickly. I love rubbing alcohol! So good for so many things like cleaning grease, cleaning paint, cleaning permanent marker, etc.

And check this out!

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


I vacuumed up all that Chuck fur, grabbed my rubbing alcohol, a white cloth, and a white scrub brush and got ready to work.

Look at this! (Or don’t look if you ever sit on these chairs. What are you still doing here anyway? I told you to look away!)

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


Look what came off after just a few seconds of rubbing with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol! That’s disgusting! I really didn’t think these chairs were actually that dirty.


So, I wanted this to be the answer. I really did. As I said before, I love rubbing alcohol. After you’re done rubbing, you can just take your scrub brush and brush up all of the tiny microfibers and your fabric will look good as new! ….just maybe not after 8 years of abuse. My chairs looked a little better after this, but still pretty dirty. I’m sure if I kept scrubbing for awhile, I’d eventually pull up all the mess, but I’m just not that patient.

So what did I do? I threw caution to the wind, pulled the covers off wherever I could, and tossed them in the washing machine. I figured they’d probably be ruined, but I figured that if they stayed that dirty, I’d probably get frustrated and buy new chairs anyway, or sew some new covers, so I went for it.

The covers aren’t really meant to come off like regular couch slipcovers are, so they were a little tight, but I fought it out.

I was sure they’d shrink or shred or something, but look!

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


Bam! That’s one clean chair!

There's an easy, painless way to clean microfiber furniture that really works! Check it out!


Definitely significantly cleaner than before! I even popped them into the dryer so they dried quickly without water spots. No scrub brush required afterwards!

So if you have microfiber furniture that’s looking a little sad, you can definitely still use the rubbing alcohol and scrub brush method on the parts that aren’t removable, but do yourself a huge favor and clean any parts that you can in the washing machine! It works!


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  1. says

    No way! I never would have thought of this method. I always had leather and it was so much easier for me to maintain. Hubby decided to dump my prior to marrying him awesome furniture for this stuff in our livingroom. I hate it. Constantly wiping. Brushing. Dabbing. I remind myself I love him… and wipe… knowing it is NOT clean enough. You saved us from a huge future outburst. 😉

    PS: Pinning but not sharing with him, only because a woman needs a secret or two.

    • Courtenay says

      For the record, I told Chris that I was working on figuring something out to clean these chairs, and I even did the rubbing alcohol thing in front of him. Then one day he went to work, came home, and the chairs were miraculously clean and he didn’t even notice. I’m pretty sure he’s vacuumed them since then and still hasn’t noticed. So if your husband’s anything like mine, he probably didn’t even notice they were dirty to begin with. :) But I know…. I know. And it’s so satisfying. Glad to have been able to help out a little bit!

  2. Kate says

    Do you think there would be fading with darker colored cushions? (Either with the alcohol method or the washing machine method) We have the same disgusting dog chair and I dab at the worst but hate to think of the real dirt that’s hidden on that fabric. In our house the fabric is brown and I’m scared to try anything since we can’t afford to buy new furniture at the moment if the experiment fails, haha.

    • Courtenay says

      I really put a whole lot of rubbing alcohol on the one chair and scrubbed pretty hard, but didn’t do anything to the other chair and they both still look good and the same. I’m also pretty confident there was no fading in the washing machine either, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet. Good luck! Dog drool stains really are the worst, even if the dogs themselves are totally worth it. :)

    • Courtenay says

      With boys in the house, I’d say you should probably be glad. :) They do wash up really nicely, like I said, but when they get grody, they get really really grody!

  3. isassSara says

    I have microfiber couches. I tried the alcohol method with frustrating results! I want to try the washing machine, did you use the normal setting or delicate or special setting? How about the dryer setting? Thank you for posting this!

    • Courtenay says

      I used a normal wash cycle, and cool water with normal detergent and dried on my regular high heat setting. If you’re a bit nervous, there’s another comment here from another reader explaining how she likes to do them a little more delicately and dry them half in the dryer and half outside. It seems like you can’t really go wrong, it’s just a matter of personal preference!

  4. Doria says

    What setting did you wash and dry them on? Thanks so much our dog has ruined our couch and am very eager to try this!

    • Courtenay says

      I washed on a normal cycle with cool water, just cause that’s what my washer was set to, and I dried them on a regular high-heat setting. They came out perfectly that way, but Lynn L, who also commented says she likes to do them with a little less detergent (I used full amount) and dry them only a little bit before letting them finish up outside. Seems like you can’t really go wrong!

  5. Lynn L in Florida says

    I took the plunge a few months ago and washed my microfiber cushion covers in my front loader. I washed and rinsed in cold water and used half the recommended amount of liquid detergent. I washed three at a time. Don’t cram them in. They need to be able to move around in there to get clean.

    I put them in the dryer on air only…NO HEAT…for about three minutes, then hung them outside, in the shade,to dry. My covers look like new. I’d do it again in a heartbeat…and certainly before they get as yucky as the first time!

  6. catherine says

    wow this is practically a miracle. I have a sectional who has a super huge over size commercial washer with an extra large door to facilitate getting it in the washer? AND the sections weigh more than my pick up truck.

    For the dog and cat hair, a latex glove or a window squeegee will pick up every last hair. Maybe instead of trying to clean my sectional couch, I should just move it to the cat’s room. Unfortunately, all the rooms are the cat’s room.

  7. says

    I have a beige loveseat and a green recliner both microfiber and the covers do not come off so I cleaned mine with a MR.Clean sponge one evening they look good and I will say with 2 smokers in my house they where nasty I do have to do them again and have since put covers on them because of my pets.I have tried your idea before it did get off the top dirt.I found my covers on Nordstrom on FB.

  8. Terri K Pullman says

    amazing info!! l used a blow dryer after cleaning the fabric, it dried real nice and what a huge’s the simple things that can be so important..


  9. Andrea says

    I am truly SHOCKED that this worked and my cushions look like new. I used normal cool cycle, low heat. Perfect. I have microfiber throw pillows that I launder all the time and why I never thought to do this is beyond me!!! No fading either. Thank you for the great hint! ! !

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