Spring Lawn Care Tips for Large Lawns

Gardening season is finally here! It’s here, people! We didn’t think it would ever come, but here it is!

We’re always a little blind-sided at this time of year by all the work that it takes to care for our property, but we’ve learned a thing or two over the past few years.

First of all, taking care of a large grassy area is a lot different than caring for a tiny city lot. You really do have to go about it in a completely different way, or you’ll never get through it. Spring is a great time to get things started on the right foot, so that you can have a successful Summer season of lawn care!

Rolling Your Lawn

Over time, the landscape bubbles up in places and it can get pretty bumpy overall. Spring is the perfect time to roll your lawn because the ground is still soft and squishy. Extra point for you if you can get it done right after a rainstorm! It really makes a big difference in the appearance of your property, as well as how easy it is to mow.

We went ahead and purchased our own roller so that we can use it whenever we need it and don’t have to worry about renting one and getting it back on time to avoid late fees. Also, Chris really has fun making the straight, fancy-looking lines in the lawn. :)

Plan your landscape for easy cutting

When you’re planning out your flower gardens in the Spring, take the opportunity to change their layout a bit to make for easier mowing. When you spend 3-4 hours a week cutting your grass, you’ll be happy to save any extra time you can. Some trees and flower bed designs are really a big pain to have to drive carefully around or go back and trim up week after week. Make neat edges to your gardens that are easy to just drive right over.

Sprinkle extra soil on low lying areas

Keeping the terrain smooth not only looks great and is easier to cut, it’s also important for the health of your grass. Having soil that’s really compacted, or areas that dip down and collect water can kill existing grass and make it really hard for newly planted seeds to thrive. Go around and sprinkle a generous amount of topsoil on these areas. The existing grass should grow up through the soil and enjoy the nutrients, but plant some new seed as well if you like.

Embrace a multi-species philospophy

By multi-species, I mean lots of different kinds of plants in your lawn. Native plants. And by native plants, I mean weeds. This is a lawn philosophy that’s being adopted more and more by modern gardeners and landscape designers lately and that’s because it really works. Weeds have the ability to tolerate and thrive in the exact kind of climate you live in as they’re completely native and designed exactly for where you live. They stay green almost no matter what and, while they may seem unsightly on smaller city lots, they really aren’t that noticeable when they’re filling in the blanks in a large field-like setting. Well, except for those 2 weeks a year when the dandelions are in bloom, but other than that, it’s green city. And if I’m being honest, those 2 weeks are my favorite anyway. :) So consider not spending hours and hours trying to find and attack every single one of those 18 million weeds on your property this year. You just may love the results!

Don’t cut too much

How long or short you keep your grass isn’t just a matter of personal preference, it can actually affect how healthy your lawn will be for the rest of the season. You’ve maybe heard that you’re supposed to let your lawn grow a little longer to help keep water in the soil during hotter months, but did you know how important it is to pay attention to the length of your cut the rest of the year too? This is especially true during the fragile early Spring season. The perfect length of your cut will be the one where you remove no more than the top 1/3 or so of the length of the blade of grass. So if your grass is 3 inches long, only cut the top 1 inch off and give it a few days to recover before you cut some more.

If you follow these few simple steps this Spring, you’ll be on your way to an easy Summer season of lawn care. One where you don’t spend every waking hour caring for your grass!

Do you have any tried and true Spring lawn care tips that you always follow?




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    Great tips! I like the idea of rolling the lawn. I know ours has some areas that need to be smoothed out. I am glad to see that a JD will pull a small roller too. :) We live in the country and our lawn is mostly green weeds. lol We gave up on trying to get rid of them years ago. When you live in a former cow pasture there’s not much hope is there? Have a great month of May!

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    Rolling the lawn is the great idea. Of course if the lawn is bigger than we have to follow some of the steps in that way . Glad to see these much helpful tips in your blog. And also i agree with you that we have not to cut much more. Really it affects the health of the Lawn. Great Tips in the Article. Keep Posting.!

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