How to Make the Best Bacon You’ve Ever Had in the Microwave!

Making bacon is no longer a big messy chore or just for weekends! Bacon lovers rejoice!

So you might feel like I’m sending you mixed messages here with my food posts, but just hear me out. My last food-related post was about a super healthy chocolate mug cake, full of nutritious ingredients with no flour or white sugar.

And now today I bring you bacon. Sizzling, fatty, salty, bacon.

And you’re going to love it.

Even though I eat what most people would consider to be really healthy about 80% of the time, I still believe in being able to eat anything I want to every now and then. So if my family wants bacon, you’d better believe I’m having some too. And then it’s back to the veggies at the next meal. I just felt like I should explain myself. :)

So anyway, here’s my new favorite way of making bacon.

Back in the dark ages of crispy meats, I used to make my bacon all sputtery and smokily in the frying pan on the stove. Then I was enlightened and switched to the oven method. Now, further enlightenment has occurred and life at breakfast time is even easier!

Look! Let me show you!

First, get a microwavable plate and lay some paper towel across it. 2-3 regular size sheets or about 4 mini sheets.

Add regular uncooked bacon. The neat thing about this method is that you can easily do just a few strips and then put the rest back into a plastic container in the fridge for the next day. You don’t have to feel like since you’ve got everything out, that you have to make the whole package.

Fold the paper towel back over itself, enclosing the bacon.

Pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes per slice. I was originally told that it’s supposed to be about 1 minute per slice, but I find that in my microwave, 2 minutes is pretty much perfect. So that’s 4 minutes for 2 slices. Then you can go make the toast, pour the juice, get the vitamins, or whatever else you need to do at breakfast time while you wait.

Here’s how it looks when it comes out.

OK, it looks weird.

Open  it up.

OK, it looks even weirder.

But just think about all of the stuff that usually gets left in the frying pan. The paper towel just absorbs it all and makes it more visible.

Transfer it to a nice clean plate and suddenly you can see it for what it is!

Really really good bacon. Chow down!

I love that now I can easily make some bacon for Kennedy on a week day when it used to be only a weekend thing and only “If your dad wakes up early enough and I’m not busy and if Jack isn’t too fussy and if I feel like it.” I can easily make a little for her and a little for me in just a few minutes and I never hear complaints about it being too chewy or too burnt. It’s just perfect every time! Try it!




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    Hi Courtnay. I think I used to do bacon this way a while back but forgot about it as we don’t eat bacon that often now. It sure is easier than having that fat grease spatter all over the stove and countertop. I must try it again (I have some in the fridge!). I hope you are doing well. Pamela

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