How to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free!

How to keep your bathroom mirrors from fogging up, using just one little item that you probably already have in the house.
Gather around, friends. Gather around.

I’m about to share with you something awesome.

It all started back in August, when we were at the Haven conference in Atlanta. My roomie, Melissa from The Happier Homemaker, and I were sharing a room and I quickly realized that with two people trying to shower and get ready in the bathroom and be ready for breakfast by 7am, it was going to be tricky. Mainly, after the showers, how were we going to see in the bathroom mirror with everything all fogged up? The mirrors in this hotel were a little bit magical though and had some kind of system that prevented just a square big enough for you to see your head, right at eye level, from getting fogged up. I was blown away. Flabbergasted, And I loved it.

When I returned home, I stumbled on this little tip for defogging bathroom mirrors and I thought how neat it would be to have fog free mirrors at home too. So convenient! But I never tried it, because I was sure there was no way it could work.

Fast forward to this week and something inside me decided it was time. I gave it a go!

I started with a bathroom mirror. This one is in the bathroom where Kennedy and I take our showers, so it’s the most commonly fogged around here.

Then I took a bar of soap and rubbed it onto a section of the mirror. You can just run the bar of soap across the mirror very lightly and that will be enough. I kinda over-did it.

Here’s how it looked.

Next I took a cloth and tried to buff away the soap residue off the mirror. Like I said, I put too much soap on there in the first place, so this was a bit challenging. I got really annoyed at it, because it clearly wasn’t going to work anyway, so I took some glass cleaner, spritzed it on, and cleaned off the remaining soapy bits and then forgot about it.

About an hour later it was time for Kennedy’s shower. After she was done, I went into the steamy bathroom to pick up towels, mop up the floors and all that and I noticed the mirror. I ran to get my camera.

No fog! The trick worked! Even when I cleaned it off with glass cleaner! It was incredible! I was fog free!

So basically, yeah, I was pretty excited about it.

The only thing is, that since the room was so steamy, the mirror stayed fog free, but of course my camera lens did not. So that’s why the picture looks like I’m trying to take a romantic soft-focus picture of a rose garden from 1986 or something.

But anyway, that’s the trick! Try it out! Each time you go to wipe the toothpaste splatters and water spots off of your bathroom mirrors, just rub a little soap on there first!

Who knew that a bar of soap could do that?




  1. says

    Spritzing on some vinegar (even diluted 50/50 with water) works too — and you can spray it on your windshield before a cold night to keep it from frosting over. We just had an ice storm come through. Yeah, vinegar is nice 😉

  2. sue j. says

    i’m really kind of a lazy person…so…what would happen if you grated some bar soap into a small bottle of window cleaner and then buffed???

  3. Anonymous says

    Just think of the money people and hotels shovel out for those special mirrors! You could start your own service business doing this, not letting anyone (except the millions of fans who read this blog) in on the secret. 😉 Seriously, great tip, thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous says

    It doesn’t surprise me at all. I carry a small bottle of dish detergent in my dive bag to keep my mask from fogging up. Just a little bitty squirt and rinse works every time.

  5. Charlotte says

    You can also light a candle in the bathroom while you’re showering. It has the same effect & less work.

  6. says

    Awesome. Does it work with any kind of soap? My bath soap has like four ingredients and is totally natural. Do I have to go out and get some Dial for this to be effective?

    • Courtenay says

      I think so! The soap I used is a natural tea tree oil soap, which is just what I always use in the shower. It’s pretty neat! I hear shaving cream works too, but I never have any around so I do the soap trick.

  7. skiwitch says

    The fan in my bathroom just makes noise, so I’m definitely gong to do this. I know the shaving cream trick works, but only for a couple of days. This looks like THE solution I’ve been looking for! Thanks so much.

  8. Jessica says

    The soap has hydrophobic properties (doesn’t like water), you created a hydrophobic surface so water in the air (steam) won’t condense onto the mirror. Great idea, love science!

  9. says

    You had the soap right but I discovered this years ago but I use shaving cream. It rubs on the whole mirror easy with a cloth and then I buff it out right away with a towel. Lasts quite a while. Next time the mirror needs cleaned just repeat the process.

  10. Mary says

    I heard recently that putting shaving cream on a mirror and/or a windshield and then rubbing it off does the trick too. I have yet to try it though.

  11. Karen says

    Instead of using window cleaner on it, just keep turning the rag. The soap binds up the fibers in the rag and makes it less effective. I just kept turning mine and using a clean spot and it was fine. Works like a charm. Thanks!


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