Can you tell me what this plant is?

Our walks down by the creek lately have been beautiful.

The wheat fields are turning a nice gold color and getting ready for harvest time.

There are all kinds of wild flowers growing along the banks of the creek, which is huge because of all the rain this year.

I’ve been in love with this one flower (weed) since last year. It has these nice thick leaves, and it seems to smell pretty amazing too from what I can tell when we walk by a whole bunch of them.

The flowers form in these neat little sphere shapes and I just think they’re the greatest thing ever. There’s only one problem though, and it’s driving me crazy. I have no idea what in the world they are! And I must know!

I thought surely one of my esteemed and knowledgeable readers would be able to tell me.

Can you help a blogger out?


  1. says

    It is absolutely milkweed and very necessary if you want to attract Monarch butterfies. I let it grow in my garden wherever it wants to. I think the reason it is called that is if you break a stem a sticky substance that resembles milk come out. It looks more like Elmer’s school glue to me.

  2. Anonymous says

    It’s called milkweed because when stem is bent or broken it oozes white like milk but is sticker! You have to go was if your weeding your garden as everything sticks to it. The kids used to play doctor and put dry weeds on their fingers and glue with milkweed for a bandaid!.

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