Use a Toothbrush Holder as a Vase!

I’ve had this little idea floating around in my brain for awhile now.

I bought this toothbrush holder a few years ago, but you see, I only have so many toothbrushes that need to be held and those ones already have a very fine holder indeed.

So I just kept it on a shelf and thought it had a pretty shape.

I bought some cheap flowers the other day to make the house feel a little happier and the time was right!

I made sure the little plug in the bottom was in tightly and filled it up with a bit of water. If you try this out, double-check that your plug fits tightly, or place the “vase” on a little plate, just to be sure you don’t have any leaks.

 It only took a few stems and it makes for a nice little arrangement. Kind of like a built-in flower frog. Do people even know what those are any more?

Anyway, there you have it! It’s a pretty neat trick, right?

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