Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer Cloths!

Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer Cloths!

This maybe my favorite little home-keeping pearl of wisdom ever. I love my swiffer. It’s so easy to use and lightweight and it picks up every little bit of everything from every nook and cranny of my floors. With 2 cats running around here now, I can easily use it 4 or 5 times a day.

The only problem with that is that those little disposable cloths that you buy for it can really add up quickly. But not any more! Here’s how I make my own cloths to reuse. They really work just as well!

All you need is some kind of basic fleece fabric. I just used an old scarf in happy colors that I thought would look cute on my swiffer, but if you went to the fabric store and picked up half a yard of whatever fleece, that would make you about a gazillion cloths.

Next the only real step to this “project” is to cut your pieces of fleece to the right size. You can use an actual swiffer cloth to measure or you can just kind of eyeball it by wrapping it around the swiffer. You can see I’m not a perfectionist about it at all.

The little grabby things on the swiffer are super forgiving. As long as your pieces are sorta kinda the right size, you’re good!

So do they really work? That’s the question.

Well, this is after about 30 seconds of trying out my new cloths.

Yup. They work.


Also… ew!

P.S. I had to add this in: I’ve had a few questions about the washing of these cloths. I always just throw them in with the rest of the laundry. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years and have never had the fur and stuff end up on our cloths. I think it just gets tumbled out and lands in lint trap. Hope this helps!





  1. says

    I’ve done this with old flannel pajamas (squirt a spritz of water, good to go) gut was going to try fleece or some left over faux sherpa left over from dog coats. So much more economical and better for the environment, throwing all those Swiffer pads away.

  2. says

    Great idea, Courtenay! It would be great for quick sweeps in between vacuuming the dog hair too. My question to you my friend is do you just toss them in the wash or do you try and clean them off first. I am thinking waiting for a small pile and washing them separately. Or do you just toss them?

    • mary embreus says

      it only works if ya have the model above i have the one that uses sticky cloths ,not the 4 holes ya stick the tabs into.

      • Courtenay says

        Oh darn! I guess they caught on to me. I’ll have to come up with something new for the other one. :)

      • Tara says

        You can sew or liquid stitch strips of velcro on the back and it works fine.Thats what I do and I also use old towels in a few layers sewn together with velcro strips on the back for my swiffer wet mop.

  3. says

    great idea. I replaced the swiffer cloths that you buy with microfiber cloths. works great! my house is fairly large and with a cat and a dog I use 3-4 cloths when I clean. as for washing, I shake them outside to get the worst off then throw them in with the jeans.

  4. says

    Great idea. I don;t have as swiffer, but I have a spray mop thing with cloths on it ( they Velcro on) I replace them pretty often as I have hardwood floors, a dog and live with 3 men ( sigh) so I mop a LOT! Wet and dry…. Thanks for this. They will be way cheaper than the replacement heads and I can use them to dust with as well..

  5. says

    Good idea using fleece. It attracts every dang thing, might as well put that to good use! Have you tried using them wet? I only have one pad for the mop I use on my hardwood floors because I’m too cheap to buy more, and I am sick of having to wash it constantly so I can use it.

  6. says

    I think we all must be putting a
    hurting on the Swiffer company..
    So many are making their own
    cloths.. yours are perfect! I
    have saved a bundle by crocheting
    Good post

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  8. Anonymous says

    I’ve been making my own fleece swiffer cloths since I bought my swiffer, no brained! lol. I guess Ithought everyone was!

  9. Anonymous says

    Making homemade swiffers is great to save $. I use one for at least a month or more, but use a sticky roller to clean off the dust,work great!

  10. Anonymous says

    I did that for quite a while, loved it! I ended up getting a steam mop that uses washable heads. One thing I might add, I made the mistake of using fabric sheets in the dryer with the swiffer towels. It left streaks on my floor,but when I stopped using fabric softener sheets in the dryer, it worked great. i just hung them over my dryer and air dried them.Vinegar is also great for washing hard wood floors!

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  13. says

    I’ve been doing this for years! If you are extra lazy, you can just buy microfiber cloths at Dollar Tree for dusting. I attach wash rags for mopping too. Just spritz the floor with my cleaner and mop away. It works great! A standard washcloth fits perfectly.

  14. Anonymous says

    Sams Club has a big box of cotton towels in the automotive section. These are inexpensive and they work wonderfully with the Swiffer.

  15. Anonymous says

    I love this idea, but wondering what kind of cleaning solution is safe for use on hardwood floors. Any suggestions? I love the fresh smell of the swiffer pads and am open to a homemade yummy smelling alternative.

  16. macley says

    Thanks for making it simple :). I have to do try this too. I usually do a small load of small bath rugs once a week and that is when I toss all of my floor cleaning cloths in to the wash.

    • Courtenay says

      I hope so too, Kimberly! Now if only the fleece on my sweater didn’t do such a good job of attracting pet hair too!

  17. Lesa says

    What’s crazy is that I have this EXACT SAME SCARF. Also, this may be one of the most useful tutorials ever!


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