Look what/who Santa brought!

Hey everyone, meet Marsha! Santa dropped her off at our house for Kennedy on Christmas eve, so she’ll be joining Sammy as one of our lucky and spoiled pets!

She’s a perfect little 5 month old kitten that Santa adopted for us from the SPCA and as you can see, she’s right at home already!

Her and Sammy (our other kitty) are actually best friends already and they spend most of the day together napping and playing and eating each other’s food.

It was quite the co-ordination effort to get her here and get everything taken care of and still have that special surprise moment on Christmas morning, but with Santa’s help, we managed to pull it off!

We’re so glad she’s home safe and sound now and we’re all adjusting to the new family situation so easily. How can it be hard to adjust to a face like that?

Have you ever given or received a pet for Christmas?

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    Oh isn’s Marsha just adorable! No, we have never adopted a pet at Christmas. We only had one pet, a dog, who lives with our son now, so we are pet less these days. :) Although our son has 2 other dogs now as well and we get to tend them all once in a while. :)

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    I actually received a Netherland dwarf rabbit on Christmas and I’ll never forget the moment of opening a soft little bag to see a softer sweet little set of ears twitching :) She is adorable … what a fun surprise for Kennedy!!

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    Oh…what a cute kitty! A sweet kitty joined our family for Christmas as well. Only we didn’t figure out the whole coordination thing…so he joined us 2 days ago.

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    OMGosh! LOVE! Under the word ‘sweet’ in the dictionary should be photos of your kitties. Bless you for adopting from the SPCA. They make the best pets. They are so appreciative for being rescued. It’s a beautiful thing that Santa did. Thank YOU!!!! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

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