Now that the front hall is almost done, let’s decorate!

I have one room, and only one room in this house that is nice and pretty and just how I like it, and almost fully renovated. Well, except for that one wall going up the stairs. And the ceiling. And maybe a few little touches here and there.
One thing’s for sure: It’s leaps and bounds ahead of where it was last year and I think that deserves to be celebrated! 
With cedar of course. Lots and lots of fresh cedar to welcome you into our home. Or onto the main floor if you’re just coming down in the morning. 
I started out by taking this bronzy-leafed wreath that I’ve had up all year and tucking in a few branches here and there. Now this wreath was already technically a Christmas wreath but now it’s just so much better. Love the fresh green against the bronze. 
I tied these little bundles up the staircase at regular intervals. The living room just beyond has the Christmas tree and all the bright, happy, family-friendly decor in it, so I decided to indulge myself in this hall and keep things more subdued in shades of white, bronze, and green. 
Just one little bronze Christmas ball ornament is all it takes to reinforce the theme here.
I found these sparkly little balls tied together in a garland leftover from last year so I just plunked them down in a cozy little nest of cedar in this footed bowl. 
Glitter and twine – it’s works! Who would’ve known? This just further proves that twine goes with everything.
And that’s the hall this year! See? I bet you didn’t even notice how half-finished this room is. Thanks for celebrating with me!
I’ll be linking this one up to Kim’s Mantel and Vignette Party!
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  1. says

    It’s so lovely! I hope I can use some cedar, but after my major allergy attack to Pine last year, I’m scared. I’ve used it before and been fine with it, but I’m not sure Morgan is going to want me to even try! I really think it’s just the Pine… I hope!

  2. says

    I love what you have done with your banister! Last year I did fresh greenery, and lined the top of the railing with it like a garland. This year it would be fun to change the look up a bit, but still use fresh greens. Thank you for the inspiration!

    PS – I love all the great ideas you share on your blog. So happy to have connected!

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