A Tree Farm Inspired Sign Wall


Now this was a fun project!
I stumbled on a sign that I’d painted for Christmas a few years ago and decided to try making a few more to group together this year for a bigger impact.

I really thought it was going to take a lot more to get the look I wanted, but it actually came together pretty easily within a time frame of about 2 weeks.
I used letter stamps on some of them and just sort of free-handed with the paintbrush on others.
I tried to keep within the theme of signs you might see on a Christmas tree farm.
A Polish Christmas tree farm? Is there even such a thing? I don’t know, but I made this sign a few years ago. I thought it would be fun because my Mother-in-Law was born in Poland. I Googled it to find out how to say “Merry Christmas” in Polish and I’m still not really sure if it’s right, but it looks cool!
Some extra greenery here and there helped to fill in the blank spots.

This string of lights just says “fun” to me, so I kept it up after my Fall Fair Mudroom I did a couple of months ago.

The overall effect is cheerful and fun – just what I was after! And the best part? It’s all held up with hot glue! Could it get any easier?




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    Really, really cute! I love the Polish sign…and who cares if it might not be right, it’s something different than Merry Christmas, which is a nice change sometimes. Love the saws leaning up against the ladder!

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    It’s totally awesome. I love that Polish sign! I might have to make a German one…that is if I can get myself to make ANYTHING right now! At the moment, I’m such a lazy snot…

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    What a terrific wall of signs! I totally love this whole area. Great idea you had to group them all together for major impact. The lights look wonderful also and love the ladder.

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