Mason Jar Porch Light Update

My Mason Jar porch light, that I first posted about last Fall, is definitely one of my more popular posts, still to this day. That’s mostly because of pure dumb luck and because it’s been pinned on Pinterest like a bajillion times.

Here’s the original photo of it:

And here’s how it’s looking these days:

The same, pretty much. Only with a ribbon!

Anyway, since so many people have seen and pinned this idea, I feel kind of responsible for it, you know? I don’t want to lead anyone astray.

I don’t want anyone to go and try this out and discover it doesn’t work and think this is just another Pinterest Fail. Just like I did when I tried to change the light bulb in there recently!

I discovered that the reason I was able to fit the jar over in the first place is that there was a teeny tiny baby version of a regular light bulb in there. Who knew there was such a thing? I didn’t even notice it was small until I went to replace it.

Off to Walmart I went to try and find these baby bulbs and discovered that they were, in fact, appliance light bulbs.

So there you go, the info is out there! The appliance bulbs fit right into the normal sockets, but the overall size is smaller so they fit nicely inside a Mason Jar.

There. Now my conscience just feels so much better. And hopefully everyone who’s tried this since last year and had it not work for them can stop cursing at me under their breath now too!


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    I can see why this is one of your popular posts…its just soo cute…I’m glad you’ll be able to sleep better tonight…:) so glad to see you again friend…I’ve been a little MIA …hope you’ve been well…hugs

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    Oh I swoon over any mason jar. Love it. I have a black metal lantern in front of my step that I add a orange ribbon to around this time of year….so your ribbon made me giggle! Nothing a ribbon can’t jazz up :)

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    Mason jar light fixture…..???

    Now why didn’t I think of that! I am going outside right now to see if mason jars fit on my fixtures… Thanks for sharing! It looks absolutely awesome!

    hugs ~ Crystelle


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