It works, and it doesn’t.

I added a door knocker on to our mudroom door the other day.

Pretty, right? My mom sent it to me a year ago when we moved in and I hadn’t gotten around to drilling it into the door, so it just sat in a drawer, waiting.

Well, I really wanted to see how it would look with our nice weathered brass kick-plate. Funny, I never noticed how terrible the door knob is until now. Anyway, the point is that the new door knocker looks great!

Can you guess how I attached it to the door?

It’s me we’re talking about here.

I hot glued it.

And it worked great!

…until Kennedy saw it and was all “Oooh! A door knocker!” and had to go and actually use the darn thing.

OK, so the hot glue didn’t work so well, but at least now I know it will look great when I get around to actually attaching it for real to the door. By that, I mean when Chris does.

For some reason, people seem to think my mud room looks too nice in pictures and sometimes they find it hard to believe that I should really call it a mud room. Here’s the room for real. With actual mud in it. So there. Also, you can’t see it, but there are about 4 giant trash bags waiting to go out to the garage sitting on the floor just outside of the frame. Ha!

Why am I acting all smug about the fact that my room is a mess again?


It’s not really a pretty room, but the door knocker definitely gives it a nudge in the right direction.

A little extra hardware is always a good idea in my books!

Have you ever added non-functioning hardware to something just for the look of it?

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