Did you miss anything in August?

It’s that time again! Time for me to recap everything that happened this month so you can get all caught up in the world of The Creek Line House!

OK, you caught me. It’s not really for you, I started doing these posts mostly just to make myself feel all good and productive about all the things I’ve done during the month.

But hey, it works!

Before we get into it, do you want to know something crazy? I wrote a whole long post for this, complete with fun and witty commentary (OK, witty for me) and then I lost it. Just closed the tab by accident. Good job, me. (said with sarcasm)

There were a lot of posts this month too. Good job, me! (said with less sarcasm)

Just had to tell you that. OK, let’s do this again!

Outdoor posts this month:

Lovely by Chance

A Fern, an Old Flower Pot, and Some Magic

Potential, Sweet Potential

Chris totally ruined my blog post.

A Friendlier Front Door

Easy Fixes

How to Paint Your Fan

Might as well paint that too…

In Kennedy’s Room

World’s Slowest Gallery Wall

Paper Door Labels

What’s so strange about ironing your walls?

Back to School Posts

An Easy Back to School Fantel

What’s on my giant kitchen chalkboard right now

Halloween…in August posts

Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Countdown Calendar

Quick and Easy Haunted House Pillow Cover

Pinterest Inspired Halloween Party

I did something a little different this time, did you notice?

Instead of going all chronological and rambling with my recounting of my posts, I organized them into neat little categories. Doesn’t that make me seem more like a real grown up? Organization makes me look so much less like a self-serving lunatic and more like I’m just trying to help you navigate and find which posts suit you (my lovely reader) best.

Maybe I’ll stick with this format. Or maybe I’ll go back to that other way next month. Only time will tell! Oh the suspense!


Anyway, rambling lunatic or not, it was a great month. Hope you found something in there that was fun for you too!


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