Did you miss anything in July?

Last month, I decided to try out doing one of those monthly recap posts, mostly-I’m not going to lie-to make myself feel super productive and fancy. And it worked!

So I’m doing it again.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this month!

Kennedy and I did a little mother-daughter faux-distressed paint job on these convex mirrors. I thought I’d try to pass down some of my skills and tricks of the trade, but, as it turned out, she schooled me.

Once my ego healed, I found a great place to hang them up in the livingroom.

I also showed you the old ladder that was hanging on the back of our house outside. It went right next to the mirrors on the wall and it may or may not lead up to a secret fort in my ceiling, depending on who you ask.

Work continued on the front hall, 15 minutes at a time.

And included a semi-failed attempt at a no-sew cafe curtain made from a flour sack dish towel.

There was a vintage tractor parade that went by right in front of our house,

an update on the goings ons in the veggie garden,

And a tutorial on how to age shiny ugly brassy things.

Finally, I did what most good bloggers do when it all comes down to it. I overdid it on the pillows and tried to find a little balance where I could in this crazy life.

Oh! And one more thing! Maybe the most fun thing of all!

My Fall Fantel from last year is being featured on the Better Homes and Gardens website! I’m beyond thrilled. Beyond beyond.

Hope you had an amazing July as well!

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    You have been one busy girl, Courtenay! Congratulations on being featured on BHG’s website! You deserve the recognition! You go girl! xx

  2. says

    It’s always fun to recap and certainly does make us feel more productive. Kind of like when my daughter comes home and wants to know what I did all day.
    Very exciting to have your mantel on the BHG website.
    Mary Alice

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    Impressive month you’ve had! So congrats on your feature on BH&G! How cool is that! How did they find you? Your fall mantel is so pretty! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

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