My chair is unsittably pillowed

You may remember seeing my living room before around here from time to time.

Welcome Back! Today my living room is the scene of a bit of an oddity, the unsittably pillowed chair!

I’m sure many of you reading today have a pillow problem as well. It’s not that I necessarily buy or make too many (OK, Chris may disagree here), it’s just that once I get the right pillow in the right spot, it. is. staying.

That’s gold, people! Such a rare thing to encounter. I feel like my pillows never look quite right. They look wrong, even.

But this thing we have going on here, it doesn’t just look wrong, it is wrong. From a functional perspective.

This is what guests see when they come to my home:

How rude.

I’ve even tried to perch my butt on the edge, only to give up and just sit on the floor.

And yet, there the pillows stayed.

I didn’t put them there on purpose, things just sort of happened. They were moved there to clear space elsewhere, all at separate times, and serendipity took over.

Am I about to cross serendipity?

So there they are. All three of them.

Maybe I’ll just bring in another chair to go beside it.

 And maybe just one little pillow for that one. Or even a throw.

It’s a slippery slope.


  1. says

    That is a common problem I think, Courtenay. Your pillows are so pretty together, I can see why you want to keep them there. I have pillow madness, too. When people come over I just tell them to squish, prop, or throw, whatever they feel most comfortable with! xx

  2. Anonymous says

    I wish Ryan wasn’t so opposed to couch pillow’s. I like them! We even just got some nice ones as a presant but he says he hates them :( Oh well. Pick I pick my battles.

  3. says

    Um, can I have your living room?!
    My pillows never… ever… stay on the couch. If they do it’s because the kiddo has gone to bed and the dogs are curled up on my bed. Good luck with blankets staying put either.
    Someday I’ll have little tiny lap dogs who don’t throw blankets around and curl up on pillows instead of kicking them off so they can lay… as if there wasn’t enough room on the other 3/4 of the couch.

  4. says

    I’ll do that. Get all excited about a pillow combination. Then realize there’s no room left to sit! But since I live alone, I can “pillow” up one chair and leave the other one to sit in!

  5. says

    Ha! I have that problem on a bunch of chairs in my home. The bad thing is that my kids just throw the pillows on the floor now. Your pillows are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  6. says

    There used to be a decorating show on HGTV Sherry and the guy (can’t remember his name)fixed up rooms and he complained of too much pillowing. Reading the comments reminded me of that. I miss that show, had lots of cute ideas.
    Love your pillows gal, they look like high end pillows, your living room is very nice, caught a glimpse of your gorgeous dining set, it’s very pretty.
    When our kids come over they complain about all the pillows on couch and chair. I have a big basket I tell them to throw them in. Our cat loves his cushions on “his” chair.
    I make my own cushion covers so like to have them out to enjoy. I change out covers as the season or mood strikes so I have quite a collection if I decide I “need” to change them or one. Happy summer

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