In a bit of a sticky situation with these floors

The front hall project continues!

I’ve been trying to tackle the floors a little at a time, but only when Kennedy’s out of the house, because of the toxic adhesive remover and all that.

The problem is, the adhesive remover actually smells really good, all citrusy and clean, so you kinda want to smell it. It’s a bad situation, but it’s working!

This is after a couple of go-overs with the chemical. You can see there’s still a bit of glue with some dirt and cat fur in it, but it’s starting to look a lot better!

Here’s how it started out waaay back in October.

Now you can even see a bit of shine! Through all the dirt and cat fur, I mean.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want these floors to look all perfect and new. Just maybe a little less filthy dirty. Everyone always asks us if we’ll be refinishing the floors. Ideally, if I could get them to look decent but still maintain all the been-here-forever-ness, that’s what I would do. So that’s plan A.

Besides, I love looking at the worn-down path down the middle of the hall. It always makes me wonder about what kinds of footsteps passed through here everyday for the last 112 years or so.


Well, anyway, it just keeps getting better everyday!

So that’s what I’ll be up to today. Inhaling toxic chemicals and making things shine! If you see any weird facebook postings from me today, you’ll know why.


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    What a difference. Who would put lino over that? I’d be happy to share my tips to refurbishing old floors as I’ve done MANY, both in my own 100 year old house and professionally for others. No need to ge out the big old drum sander! I just stopped by from Beneathmyheart and I think I’ll have to look around as I like you aesthetic already.

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    Wow, Courtenay, things are really coming along in your Creek Line House! I really love the floors, you have been working so hard. You deserve some kind of reward. Everything you do comes out so nice. Good job! Can’t wait to see it all done. xx

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