Twine Door Pull

This is kind of a “Hmm” project for me. As in “Hmm, I wonder if there’s some little tiny project I could make for fun for the front hall project before I do some more painting.”

And, “Hmm, maybe some twine is in order here.”

 Also, “Hmm, you know, the before picture actually kind of looks better than the after.”

Here it is, the before picture. Nice, right? I stole it off of a dresser that needs to be redone, and that’s missing one of the other knobs anyway.

But I just felt like wrapping it in twine and seeing what would happen.

This is what happened.

It looks terrible! I doesn’t help that Chris was trying to fix something about this little under-the-stairs door and the screw was too long and went right through the wood. I white washed the twine anyway, for an aged look.

But then when you stand back… and you hang a “G” on it, it’s actually pretty cute. When you pass by it in the hall, it looks like it might be that natural bleached wood that we’ve been seeing around.

And I think it might bring a nice bit of softness to this hall that’s going to end up looking pretty crisp  and contrasty.

And I’m probably thinking just way too much about one little measly door pull.

Besides, I can always go back to Leo.


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    I think it’s cute…always looking for new different door and drawer pulls! :) I just found you at “Embracing Change” and I’m now a follower. Would love to have you stop by when you have a minute! Blessings ~ Judy


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