A Sign for the Deck

I found myself with my sign-maker hat on the other day again. We’ve been slowly working on making our back deck off the master bedroom a little more comfortable, so I had deck decorations (that sounds silly!) on my mind.

There aren’t many easy projects that have as much impact as a happy little sign, are there?

OK, I realize that in this photo, we are in fact, already on the deck, and the sign says “to the deck” but let me show you where the sign really goes.

See? Not really quite as fun. I saw this old red board that I’d pulled out of the wood pile sitting next to my new grey back door and I thought it might make me happy to see some cheery red up there everyday instead of just the sad purple walls. Really, they’re purple. It’s not the camera.

Well, that just doesn’t do the sign and all it’s weathered goodness justice, so we went out for some sunshine.

The board came off of an old Adirondack chair we had that fell apart so I really didn’t need to do anything but stamp on some white letters. There was some bluey paint left on some of the stamps, but I think that just adds to it.

Side note: Around here, they sometimes call Adirondack chairs “Muskoka chairs”. It drives me batty. End of side note.

This railing will soon be coming down. Chris is working on building some big wide steps leading down to the lawn instead of the little narrow ramp that was there before. We’ll probably re-use the wood though for a prettier, lattice-free railing because the weathering on it is perfect. If not, more sign material for me!

I’m maybe cheating a little bit here. Just about anything would look great with that view in the background, don’t ya think? Oh well, if I’ve got it, might as well share!

Most of my projects lately have been quick, easy, instant-gratification stuff, which I love. Tomorrow, though I’m getting ready to show you one of our bigger projects from the last year. It’s finally almost ready! Meet me back here tomorrow to see Kennedy’s closet!


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    I like that you re-purpose the old weathered boards that you find! Very cute sign. I have heard of calling the Adirondack chairs that funny name. It sounds like a word from Michigan? Anyway, I like the sign above the door, looks great! I want to walk down that little lane in your back yard. xx

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    Ha! It’s true about the background, but that’s one dang cute sign. If they’re so easy why haven’t I made one yet! I have got to get a move on. Found you at Savvy Southern Style. Hope you’ll stop and see me at Quirky Vistas.

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