Kennedy’s Closet: The Almost Reveal

Hi Everyone!

I got to spend the morning on a field trip to a farm with Kennedy’s class today. Hay rides, ziplines, baby animals, the whole deal. As a little girl with a (soon to be) horsey/animal/farm room, you can bet she loved it. So I’m back. And a cup of tea and a painkiller later, I’m ready to show you some of that room!

The closet to be exact! C’mon in. It’s a little squishy, but I bet we can all fit.

We’ve actually been working away on this for about 10 months now. Chris had to rip out all the walls, re-frame them, put in drywall and then add the built-in shelves.

Can you believe I accidentally painted the closet the same color as it was before the renovation? I couldn’t find my before pictures from the home inspection, but there was some pink 80-year-old floral wall paper in here. So we chose our paint color and a few months later, I got around to painting it. It wasn’t until I stepped back to admire my work that I realized…. it looked pretty much the same.

The built-in shelves and the wood trim pieces Chris added really make a difference though. The shelving is painted Sherwin Williams Macadamia. The walls are Martha Stewart Almond Butter, just like the rest of the room.

Things get pretty nutty in here.



On the opposite wall, there’s a matching wood trim piece with 3 hooks.

Aren’t they purdy?

I really like these hooks.

Can you tell?

Above the hooks I hung these little mirrors my Grandma sent me a few years ago.

I tucked the pretty satin ribbons they used to hang with away in a drawer and used some twine instead to make them a little more farmey.

The sign I made a few weeks ago found his home in here too.

So it’s looking pretty good so far, right?

Well, I went up to take my photos yesterday and 2 things happened:

1)I got another idea for something I want to do in here.


I went to peel away the painter’s tape yesterday after I painted the old baseboards that Chris reinstalled and the wall paint came right off with it.


Then I couldn’t seem to get all of it off the floor either. Sorry about the bad photo, the light from the window reaches the top half of the closet a little better, but you can kind of see what I’m talking about.

The floor was just the old plywood so I used the brown craft paper trick on it to make it a little more neutral and comfortable to look at. It’s actually really nice to walk on too! It’s just a temporary solution, but I think I may have a fun idea to make it even better.

So, now I need to execute my plan and also get those walls fixed up. At the rate we’ve been working in here, I’d say we can meet up again for the reveal: part 2 in say, 3 or 4 months?

Hey, it’s only a closet!


  1. says

    I like all of your shelving with the baskets, and the hooks. Looks like she will have everything in it’s place. The little mirrors are so sweet. xx

  2. says

    You just gave me an idea–I have a massage studio in a small building on my land. It’s pretty well fixed up, but the florrin the actual massage room is just particle board with a nice rug over. The sides are still bare chip wood. I just realized I don’t have to do the whole floor. I’m just going to paper the exposed floor, and it will look so much better. Since there is only massage guest traffic in the room–it will be perfect. You are a very clever woman.

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