A big step forward in the front hall

I change my perspective on this front hall project every five minutes, I swear. One moment it’s the most significant and symbolic thing in my life and needs to get done PRONTO and the next it’s no big deal. It’s just a hallway.

Of course, now that Chris has done his (big) part to help me out, and it’s my turn to get to work, it’s suddenly not such a pressing issue! I’m terrible, I admit it!

But I am grateful.

The moldings are up! Yippee skippee!

Having them up just means so much to me. It means, in my head at least, that I live in that house.
You know, that house that exists in your head as The House. The one you’re supposed to live in. So my hall is that first step.

Some people would probably just throw the moldings up, paint the room, shine the floors, and get on with it. I sometimes think I’m one of those people. Or I think I should be. But I’m just not right now. This project is taking months when it doesn’t have to. But I’m just loving this little thing called balance right now. And working within my means – with my money and with my time.

So even if it takes me all year to get this done, it will still be meaningful and significant for me. And other things will get done too. And life will go on.

This week in life, Chris brought home two little furball puppies for me to babysit for someone at work who’s away on training. So that’s pretty much what I’m doing. It’s a wonder I’m writing this right now. I think one of them might be in the kitchen eating the cat’s food actually.

So I may have another week where balance in life means not working on this hall again, but finished or not, isn’t it lovely?


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    You are not alone. I have a painting project I’m working on and I’m just hoping to have it done by the end of the Summer. I don’t know why I like to procrastinate but I do. I think we’re still OK if we don’t do it all really fast.

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    I have similar issues with my projects. My problem is that I get so.very.close to finishing and then I get excited about a new project and don’t feel like finishing the old one.

    Good luck.. it looks great so far!

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    Love the mouldings – they add so much to a narrow space. I must admit I had four squares of paint on my guest room wall for two years until a plumbing disaster took the decision away from me. The wall had to be torn out! Now it is a serene blue.

    distressed Donna Down Home

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    It is lovely, and there is such satisfaction to know you did it yourself. Life does get in the way of the best plans, but isn’t that the way it is? Playing with puppies beats painting anyday!!! xx

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    It’s lovely. And take your time. What’s the hurry, right? You have two furballs to play with! And if you painted now you would end up with furry mouldings. And somehow I don’t think furry mouldings is pictured in that house you picture in your head …



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    I am the same way! I am in a big hurry to get a project started and then a lot of times, I get bored halfway through it and it stalls. Life is more interesting that way, right? :) It is gonna look great when it’s all painted!

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    This post is a simple little gem. A great perspective. Sometimes projects can take the backseat, and that’s okay! Lately I’ve been a little calmer about housework; I have two loads on laundry to fold on my bed as we speak! But I’m just going with it and trying to enjoy my boys more. Life is a lot of give and take, isn’t it?

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    I love the molding. I want to add some to our house, too! I totally understand the balance equation, though. Somethings just have to wait because eating may be a priority that day and that’s all I can seem to accomplish. Life has a funny way of doing that sometimes. Balance is good for your sanity. I like your post!

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    hehehe…we both are side by side at the “At the Picket Fence” party and we both got up the same type of molding this past week. The only reason mine is painted is because my husband did not want to look at it unfinished for the rest of the year (which is probably how long it would take me to get around to it)and he paid someone else to do it.

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    Yes, it IS lovely! And if it does take a year to finish–so much better to enjoy the journey rather than just have the perfect end product with no joy on the way. :)

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