Thanks for the memories, White Slipcover.

I’ve shown you my living room before now and then. Right in the middle of my living room, you find my trusty Ikea Ektorp sofa, about 8 years old-ish.

It’s still comfy. Sometimes it doesn’t look half bad. I’ve even had people ask me how I keep it so white.

I don’t!

This is our second slipcover for this sofa. The first one was beige and lasted about 4 years.

We picked this one up basically because it was a $300 slipcover on sale for $40. We weren’t really excited about it at the time, but the old one was done for. I’ve enjoyed having this white floral pattern though for the last 4 years. It’s really grown on me.

But it is well past the stage where laundering helps it and flipping the cushions doesn’t help because there are spills on both sides of all of them.

So the time has come. I Googled slipcovers and landed on the Surefit website.

So many choices! So affordable!

I ordered a bunch of swatches last week, but I may need your help deciding. It’s a big decision if it’s going to last us another 4 years. We may even get around to finishing the living room by then!

This is one of my top choices, but then I was thinking of something like this for the curtains, so that wouldn’t work.

I really really love this fabric, but I think that may be too much on the biggest piece of furniture in the room.

I think this might be the sensible choice. I get the pattern I want, but I can still do the type of curtains I have in mind. But is the color a bit too soft? Only time (and the fabric swatches) will tell.

Does anyone have any other trusted sources for slipcovers? Surefit seems to be the best I’ve seen in terms of selection and price. As excited as I am about them, this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just looks like a good product!

So, any thoughts?


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    I bought my surefit online from surefit. But since then I’ve seem surefit at Khols and Target for MUCH less than I paid. I got the stretch one and love it. I also got 2 for wingbacks.

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    I would love to try a wingback slip from Surefit. Go with your heart on this one. For our home, my pick would be the first one because it is neutral and that’s how I roll 😉 plus we currently have a white Ikea slipcover over our very colourful and patterned custom sofa, so no more patterns for me for a long long time.

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    All of your choices are so nice. Maybe the first one would be good and then you can change it out with different pillows. I always wanted to slip cover my sofa with surefit, but didn’t know if they would be a good product. Good to hear the reviews. xx

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    I am in need a slipcovers for both my sofas, but often wonder how they fit over loose cushion sofas. I really love that large floral pattern today, but tomorrow it might overwhelm everything! I currently have a plaid on one and a tapestry on the other. I will go neutral next time and definitely washable!

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    All of the selections are lovely, the the last photo is exceptionally nice. I’m visiting from the Picket Fence and I’m now following, I would appreciate if you could follow back. Thanks

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    Gosh, my sofa is almost the exact same as yours. I found mine in the trash, if you can believe that! It has down in the seat cushions and back cushions and came with matching pillows! I was ecstatic. Just a few grease marks that Oxyclean got out.
    I love the flowered cover but white is my fav. I am a new follower.

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    Oh decisions! I’ve been going back and forth over deciding what slipcovers to get for my two wingback chairs at the farm cottage. Its between your first and last picture! My worry is if they will stay put and if I don’t like it the shipping cost to send it back.
    Good luck on your decision.

  8. Madeline says

    There is an on line store for slipcovers for the Ikea Ektorp sofa. Check out this website –, believe me its a great website, I’m buying the Ektorp sofa and I’m definitely getting a slipcover from this website. Its going to blow your mind when you see the selections, slipcovers made for Ikea sofa, chairs, armchairs you name it. Good luck!

  9. Paintin' Patti says

    I have a surefit that was available at Target a few years ago. It is a solid dark brown (a huge change from the white sofa underneath!). I do love the change. I would stay away from stripes or plaids in the pattern. Any slight shift in the “tucking in” and you have a crooked pattern. I know that would drive me crazy. Solids or a non-linear pattern is my vote – good luck!

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    Visiting from At The Picket Fence linky party.

    Personally I love the last image of the beige check, I have similar as Roman blinds in my bedroom. The colour is subtle and you can still mix checks with floral and of course plain colours. I have also introduced duck egg blue into my bedroom with the beige check and it looks great.

    I think the last cover is the most versatile of the images you posted. I felt the plain dark beige was a bit boring and a complete floral cover can sometimes dominate your room and limit your choice of patterns with other soft furnishings.

    Gosh I sound a bit bossy don’t I lols. Why don’t you use Olio Board which I use a lot and place an image of your room and upload the sofa to see how it works with your current decor or other ideas. You can see some olioboards on my own blog if you “search” olioboards. They are really helpful (btw I am nothing to do with olioboards :)

    Lee ☺

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    We had the second pattern for our old sofa.It was cute but every time someone sat on it it came untucked and looked bad. In January we got an Ectorp from Ikea so I’m going to check out the Beemz site.

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    Michele just said what I wanted to caution you about. You’re used to individual cushion covers that stay where you put them. Unless you get the top picture style cover, with the separate cover for cushions, you’ll have it pulling loose all the time. I’ve had that experience, maddening. Came from Embracing Change, new follower here! Janet

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    As an interior designer, I usually recommend a neutral color on the sofa so that the look can easily be updated with pillows and save the prints for the chairs. Have you seen the white matelasse covers SureFit is now selling? Good luck.

    Susan and Bentley

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    I have the Ektorp sleeper sofa and I am on my second slipcover – from blue and white stripe to red corduroy. My living room cushions are beyond salvageable and I have to make new ones this summer. My favorite of your choices is the yellow background. My entire house is red and yellow so I am a bit biased. Good luck choosing!

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    Surefit is a good brand! We had a slipcover from them and it washed up really nice! I really like the last one with the plaid actually – thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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    Surefit is a good brand but have you tried We order a few covers from them for our chair and couch that needed a makeover. They are Ballard Brand I believe and we love them though slip covers are a pain in the base case. Thanx for joining THT!

  17. says

    I think I would go with a neutral Courtenay. I think a pattern might be ok for a little while, but then you may feel tired of it! With a neutral, you can always jazz things up with pillows you love! Angie xo

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