The Height of Fashion and The Latest Trend

Have you seen the “Deconstructed” line of furniture now available at Restoration Hardware?

They are carrying a ton of different styles in this line and they seem to be adding more all the time. I personally haven’t seen anything in this style in anyone’s home yet, but it must be the latest craze if Restoration Hardware says so.

Well, if you think that chair is impressive… Check this out!

That’s right. I happen to have an entire deconstructed wall!

And I’ve been holding out on you. My bedroom wall has been sporting this of-the-moment look for about 8 months now.

I Know. How selfish of me to keep all this stunning inspiration for myself.

Don’t worry. I’m not under the false impression that these pictures actually make things any better, they just have no where else to go right now. Our bedroom is a bit of a dumping ground for odds and ends lately.

As becoming as this look is, I’m actually hoping this wall will become a little more deconstructed sometime in the near future.

And then maybe a little re-construction wouldn’t hurt either.


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    That is too weird about that line of furniture, BUT I love the brick in your deconstructed wall. When we redid our attic and tore off the plaster all the brick and beams looked so cool. I wanted to keep it that way, but the boys would be freezing up there in the winter if I did :)

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    I think you may just be a trend setter, Courtenay! Now everyone will want a deconstructed wall! I can relate- we built our own home. Not all at once. Over the long years whenever we had money and time. Not everything is done even now. This summer we are putting in our final ceiling in our loft. Lived for years with deconstructed walls. The good news is, you will appreciate your new wall more than anyone ever could! xx

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    I’m not a fan of the deconstructed furniture and I actually would love to know how many they sell. Although I love a lot of what they have, I wouldn’t be getting those.

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    Brick walls are always nice, that furniture….not. But, it must appeal to someone. I always think most high design is completely out of touch with everyday homes. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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    Your deconstructed wall theme would pull together if you painted it all one uniform color… but you probably want a real wall in your bedroom :) My bedroom is a dumping ground as well…I try to not let it be, but it’s one room I can close the door and everything stays out of sight! Bags of scrapbooking stuff, flea market finds, etc… no kids allowed!

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