A Fantel Update for Summertime

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all my American friends! In Canada, we had our holiday last weekend so it’s now (un)officially Summer here. We’ve been spending soooo much time out in the garden and I wanted to give a little Summer love to the inside of our house too.

Just a little bit though. I’m still banning myself from decorating any unrenovated spaces (which is all of them, pretty much) because I make myself completely crazy over it and it never works out quite right. It’s that whole lipstick on a pig thing again.

This is more just freshening up really. I used the same basic layout and materials as my Spring Fantel.

If you haven’t met yet, I’d like to introduce you to my Fantel (Fantel=Fake Mantel). Chris made it for me in the Fall out of some barn wood and some 2x4s taken out of the wall when we were renovating Kennedy’s closet.

It’s definitely my funnest piece of “furniture” so far.

These bricks that I found in a pile behind the garage always seem to find their way back into my life.

A little star I made out of wire a couple of years ago inside my newest rag wreath.

Hosta leaves have become my go-to thing for adding a little life into whatever area of my house I think needs it in the last couple of weeks. I’m still waiting on some blooms from different plants and shrubs, so in the meantime, these do quite nicely. They last for weeks and they’re kind of fun and tropical-looking.

It only took me about 10 minutes and since I used the same basic ideas as a layout I knew would work, it didn’t make me panic and think that nothing would ever look good in this house ever and how are we ever going to find time to actually renovate anyway?

Whew! No, that didn’t happen this time. Thank goodness, right? The mind of a blogger can be a scary place.

But not today! So I’d say this one’s a winner in my books!


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    I was wondering what a Fantel was lol… I think yours is very lovely and I also think everyone should have one!! :)

    You have it decorated so nicely and I love your little picket fence.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

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    I’m visiting today through Layla’s Summer Mantel Link Party!

    I love the word “fantel” – how cool is that!

    Your fantel is lovely!

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    I love that you have a “fantel” and that you call it a “fantel”! You totally inspired me — I saw your post a few days ago and realized that even though I don’t have a mantel, I could decorate as if I did anyway! So I decorated my piano as a mantel. (Is it a manio? A pantel?) Thank you for the inspiration!!!


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