Another corner of the room and a turning point.

I’ve been waiting to be able to show you this corner of Kennedy’s room and it’s finally now at the point where I thought it would be done. Of course, it’s not.. but let’s look at it anyway, shall we?

We used to have this giant old monstrosity of a TV in here for her to watch her iCarly on, but we got her this new flat screen for her birthday last week, so now things are starting look a little better. 
I also picked up those two lamps, thinking they would look good on either side of the TV and I waited to be able to use them. 
I made this box to tidy up her DVD mess, and I waited to use that too. 
The dresser was my great-grandma’s. My mom and I refinished it a couple of years ago, but kept the knobs in the original white chippy paint, just to compare and also I think it looks neat. 
So I waited until the day I could put all these elements together thinking it would all come out looking great and really anchor that corner of the room. 
I added some daffodils from the yard, because I always think they make everything look even better. 
Then I stood back and looked at it.
And tried to love it. 
And the same thing bugged me about it, that always bugs me about everything.
And I said to myself, I said “Self, just stop it. It’s not going to work. Just stop.”
I’ve been putting lipstick on a pig. Several pigs actually. All over the house.
And then I thought, well maybe if I put a few plates on the wall, and just maybe a thing or two here to draw the eye up…
No. Nope. Not happening.
You see this room, and my house really, aren’t at that decorating stage yet. There’s this flooring. Everywhere. And it’s horrific and I hate it. In this this room it’s this bright yellow carpet. 
You can see a bit of a glimpse of it in this photo.
And the floor aren’t getting better any time soon. We really need to do the roof first, and it would be silly to do anything else before.
I’ve been fake decorating every room, just trying to make it all OK for now, and it’s been driving me crazy. I know in the back of my mind that it’s not working. And I know it’s a waste of my time. 
The thing is, there are plenty of “real” projects I could be working on. Ones that aren’t just a temporary solution. 
So that’s what I’ve promised myself to make sure I’m working on first. Those things that won’t (probably) lead to my eventual insanity. And won’t take away from our roof fund until we know how much that’s actually going to cost. 
The back deck.
Pulling up the peel and stick tile from the front hall.
And that yard. All that yard. 
So for now, that corner of Kennedy’s room is at least tidy and I’m about to really roll up my sleeves. 


  1. says

    I know how you feel. I was there last summer… Now I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere and it’s been worth the effort and the wait!

    Love that chest!!


  2. says

    Big projects can be pretty daunting, especially with the cost of a roof in the near future. We are at that point in a much newer home and it seems endless on the already extremely tight budget. Bright yellow carpeting- just seems like it was never a good idea. What were they thinking. Good luck tackling your projects. I think your mudroom shelves were a great project for organization and functionality. Maybe you can come up with some inexpensive and do-able now stuff that will make you feel like you are accomplishing something.
    We still have some of those monstrous TVs (in our bedroom and the basement) so I’m sure both you and your daughter will enjoy the new one.

  3. says

    Lover the unit that has been repurposed.

    Decorating is such an on going process and is ever changing. There’s nothing wrong with temporary solutions if they make you feel better.

    We needed a new roof as it was damaging our house every time it rained. It cost us lots and we are still paying for it in many ways. So I understand what you are going through.

  4. says

    You are doing a wonderful job already! I find that when you take your time and do things slowly, your home ends up being exactly right. Your home is beautiful and you have a real talent for putting things together in your very own style. Everyone has the same challenges and by the time you think you are done, you will want to start all over redecorating again! It is ongoing……So take a deep breath, look around at all you have already done, and pat yourself on the back!

    We are putting a new roof on this year, too! Must be something going around! I’ve been saving for soooo long for it and really feel deprived.

    I love the dresser with the white knobs, and the lamps, and I really like the little DVD box you made! xx

  5. Anonymous says

    Saw your project over at MMS and came over to check it out. I feel your pain on dressing up the pig. I’m the 4th generation of my family to live in my house and nothing has really changed since the 50’s. We had wool carpet from the early 50’s to late 40’s and let me tell you it wore well for 60 years but it had started to smell and was dirty so we pulled it all up and we are living with the oak slat sub floor which isn’t that bad and much easier to keep clean. But we still have the empty chimney chases and I could write a book about putting the basement under an existing house while living in it with a 1 yr old. I just keep telling myself it is going to be beautiful someday.

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