Spring Fantel, Take Two

So I re-did my Spring/Easter Fantel. There were a few reasons for that: 1)Chris kept bumping into the sticks and toppling the whole thing over. It was ugly. 2)I felt like it looked kinda cold and dead, and since the weather has been so nice this year and everything is in bloom and not half dead like usual, it just seemed wrong. 3) I also bought myself this awesome hydrangea and I’ve pretty much decided my whole decorating scheme revolves around it until it’s warm enough to plant it outside.

So first of all, what’s a fantel?

It’s basically a fake mantel, for those of us without real mantels. Mine is this saw horse style thing that Chris made for me back in the Fall. He used barn wood and studs out of our walls upstairs from Kennedy’s closet renovation. Which I still haven’t shown you.

Because it’s still not quiiiiiite done.

I made this rag wreath in about 15 minutes using old flannel baby blankets in Easter colours. I was thinking “OK, I love it, but there’s no way it’s going to work in my living room.” Well, I’ve been wrong once or twice. It’s fantastic.

I’ve just learned how to blow out eggs this week. Sad I know. Isn’t every school child supposed to know that? Anyway, I’ve been saving all the pretty egg shells from the farm eggs my Mother in Law has been bringing to me.

Hands down, the best Easter decorations I’ve come upon so far.

So what do you think? Do you like Take Two as much as I do, or should I have just left the first fantel as it was?

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    LOL I’m so glad you explained the term “fantel”. That’s so cute.

    And I really love what you’ve done with your FANtel. The textures you used are wonderful. I wish I could feel that wreath in person. Just lovely.

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    Too cute! a fantel.
    I was going to make a cool shelf and call mine a mantel. I like yours instead. Came by from funky junk.
    I’m also from Ontario.
    Love your quaint home.

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    Looks beautiful. So sweet and Springy. I’m here from Sherry’s blog and so glad I found your delightful blog. I’m a new follower. Pop over for a visit sometime.

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    Hi and good morning! I just came over from Frugal Friday and I love what I found here. Your taste is most inspirative and I will search every friends household for old pastell children’s blankets. I MUST have a spring wreath like yours! Not to miss any posting, I have become your new follower! Greets, Manu

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    Just found you via Dear Lillie. I am now following . I love your blog, it is so ‘real’. I also love your house and your ‘fantel’.
    So clever.
    Can’t wait to see more of your style.

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    Nothing better than a frantel in a farmhouse on a farm, Courtnay! :) It looks so fresh and springy and Easter-y!

    Ok…..fess up. How did you make that wreath? I love it!

    xoxo laurie

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    Hello! I am visiting from the DIY Design linky party. I just love the term “fantel”. I am one of those few people that don’t have a fireplace or a mantel. Perhaps I will have to build a fantel! Yours is sure decorated beautifully!

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    It just seemed wrong. 3)also bought myself this awesome hydrangea and I’ve pretty much decided my whole decorating scheme revolves around it until it’s warm enough to plant it outside.

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    Published the spring fan tel because it is good efforts for the published and good thing also we can be find out and mange also. The greatest and creative blog has been shared and used it.

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