Signs of Spring

Well, Spring Break is here and we’ve got the weather to match! We headed outside this morning to take a few pictures of any signs of Spring that we could find around the property. It was an activity I planned to try to keep Kennedy busy and entertained, but I’m pretty sure I had as much fun or maybe more.

Crocusses! Croccusi? Crocci?

Kennedy took this one.

A garden that’s looking a little less like a melted skating rink and a little more like a garden.


Swelling buds.

Little girls in Spring jackets.

Shadows! Cast by real sunshine!

A sparkling creek.

The first frog spotting of the year.

Isn’t he cute?

What signs of Spring have you seen lately?

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  1. says

    You live in a beautiful place! Such wide open spaces! I love your signs of spring, the crocus, the bulbs coming up, the frog….

    I had a a whole garden of daffodils blooming and then we got 6 inches of heavy wet snow. It’s all melted now and so are my daffy’s but I am going out tomorrow to make a bouquet with what I can salvage. Can’t wait for warm weather! Love your pics! xx

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