Rustic Metal Magnet Board

Well, I decided to get started with getting some things up on the wall in Kennedy’s new room and I thought I’d start with somewhere to put all her artwork and little bits of paper. She had a tattered old corkboard before that worked, but this is more fun!

Can you tell what it is?

It’s an old cookie sheet! Like a really gucky old one that I never use anymore. The spray paint job was a little less than perfect (or a lot, whatever) so I roughed it up a little and I liked the look.

I found these little magnets that look like push pins at the dollar store, but they were all different colors, so I painted them black. I added a little chick silhouette to go with some of the other artwork I hope to add into the room in the future.

And look, it really works! Neat huh?


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    Great upcycle! I’m sure I have a nasty looking cookie sheet hiding somewhere, too!

    Claire @

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    I just clicked over from some place (I don’t remember where) that you linked this little project up at, to see what it was. How darn cute!


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