My Spring Fantel

We’ve been slowly Springifying our house this week while we’ve been hanging around and relaxing during March break. With this weather we’ve been having, it’s just seemed wrong to have anything remotely Wintery up, so now we don’t!

Kennedy worked on this fantel with me, can you tell?

It’s got kind of a birdie, nesty feel to it. And then there are carrots, because why not?

A nest in a bowl. And string because birds use string in nests, right? Those eggs are also way to big for that little bird. Am I over-thinking this?

A bird in a brick! He’s pretty cute, even if he is a little wonky-eyed.

Hmm, this corner needs some work.

There you have it. It’s a fantel, it’s Springy, and it’s 6-year-old approved!

The Lettered Cottage


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    It looks like you and your daughter had lots of fun decorating your ‘fantel’! I do like the brick with the birdie poking it’s head out, and the carrots and your little loaf pans with the flags. So creative! Happy Spring! xx

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