Just my front door, nothing more.

I love my front door.

OK, it’s not really the front door, it’s more of a side door. It leads from the mudroom into the kitchen. But it’s the door we use most, anyway.

I painted it red to cover up the weird green that was underneath. I’ve enjoyed it, but thought I would never be able to make it work after Christmas.


I think it looks just peachy.

I just found a little bit bigger grapevine wreath, tucked in some fake white flowers, and tied it up with a big ol’ white ribbon.

Wanna see more of my front door?

Check out our Fall mudroom here and our Christmas mudroom here.

And that mason jar light? You can read a little more about it here.


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    Love your door! I think it is the exact same color as mine! Williamsburg Red? I love how you always keep it decorated for each season. Very welcoming! xx

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    I like your red door! It’s very welcoming. And your wreath is so simple and pretty and springy. Good job!

    Thank you so much for linking to Grace at Home. I really appreciate it!

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    A red door — nothing more, nothing less. Painting your door red is actually a good choice. Did you know that a red door has several meanings? In China, it symbolizes luck and abundance. While on early colonial America, it symbolizes safe haven. So, you’re giving your guest a friendly and warm impression through that door.

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    I love how you incorporated that ribbon-wreath décor on your front door. Hehe. Here’s a piece of trivia: A red front door is closely associated with the traditions of Feng Shui. It symbolizes luck in China. While for the American travelers, a house with a red door gives the impression that visitor are welcome in the house. In essence, the red door signifies good luck, protection, and financial stability.

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    That’s one adorable side door, and the grapevine you added looks nice on it. I hope you’d post a picture of your front door. By the way, make sure that those doors are properly secured. Being precautious is wise; burglars might take advantage, if they see that the windows and doors can easily be dismantled.

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