DIY Magazine Organizers

I’ve been on the lookout for something to help me organize my giant basket of magazines and catalogues that seems to be overflowing more and more these days. Everything I’ve found is either ugly and not at all something I want in my living room or too expensive for any real person to be able to afford as many as I’ll be needing.

So I made my own! And I like them waaay more than anything I’ve seen in the stores.

I used various different sizes of cereal boxes to get me started. I think it gives them kind of a custom look.

The insides aren’t pretty, but who cares, right? I painted the sides in a light brown and then used a glue stick to attach some burlap to the fronts.

I trimmed all the edges in some twine. The only thing that cost me any money were the little metal “handle” things. I splurged and bought two different packs of ten in two different sizes. So that was about $3. I found them in the “conduit” section of the hardware store.

I was asked three different times if I needed help and on two of those times, I was definitely addressed as “young lady”. I kind of felt like I was in trouble for being in that section of the store. But I pushed forward and bought my conduit,um,.. thingies!

This is an idea I’ve seen floating around the internets once or twice, so it’s nothing original, but I really like the way mine turned out.

These are going to have a special new home very soon, and I’ll let you see as soon as I actually get that project done. You know how it is!


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    Great job. I would have never thought of using cereal boxes! Very clever and thrifty which is really important these days. Thanks for sharing.

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    How clever! I haven’t seen these before. Guess I must be living under a rock. Ha! I think you did a great job on them. I love the little pieces you used from the hardware store. I think that’s what just makes it so unique and functional.

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    These look wonderful! I think you did a great job with the conduit, young lady! Seriously, I like all the elements you pulled together. Great idea to trim the burlap with twine!

    Thanks so much for joining Grace at Home!

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    I am impressed! Those look good and you are right those do cost to much in the store. I am in love with your blog. So, I’m your new follower! Can’t wait to see what you do next. I want to invite you to come visit me at I have a Linky party you can link up to. Also, I’m am hosting a photo challenge if your interested. Hope you stop by,

  5. Anonymous says

    Like these a lot. From one mag.person to another. I’m older, so I have them from the 80’s. Home and garden types. Have you noticed that not much changes?? Now my daughter is re-doing her place and we are digging into my hundreds of carefully protected pages. Yes, it can be found on the internet but something about pages and paper…just feels good. Funny, she and I were talking about finding magazine storage and hadn’t started the look yet. YOU are “right on”. Thank you “young lady”.

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    I have just come from your other post, spring wreath… I thought this was a great idea… But here Is just another genious re- do… Love it! Have to eat more cereals… Greets, Manu

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    This is terrible creative, “young lady!” Ha Ha I love it….girls don’t belong in the plumbing aisle. But seriously, I love reusing and upcycling and this is a winner for sure. I just pinned this and may totally have to steal your idea…and that brick is awesome too! Just found ya and am excited to check out more of your stuff!

  8. Karen Robinson says

    These are great. I’ve seen them made w/cereal boxes before, but yours are the first I’ve really liked enough to inspire me to go do it myself. Thanks for sharing! BTW, just found you!

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    Just found this post through Debbie and Shannon’s Pinning Party. Great job! My husband has oodles and oodles of hotrod mags and part catalogs and we definitely need a way to store them rather than have them spread out everywhere. I just soo happen to have some cereal boxes, I had been throwing them away before. Not anymore! And trust me, guys always try to run us out of the hardware areas! : )..

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    I am so going to use this idea. I don’t think I will be doing it in burlap but it is such an AWESOME idea. Not to mention I should be getting something other then my sweet tooth fixed with the cereal I guy. So awesome. Can’t wait to see more of what you have going on.

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