Come for a little Easter tour!

Do you ever feel like you’re really good at decorating for some seasons, but really not so good at others?

This is my not so good season.

First of all, Spring and Easter are all about cutesy, and I’m not so talented with the cutesy execution. I like cutesy. I just can’t make it work. Also, I kind of feel like I need to be able to pull in natural elements to get things going, and right now, there are none. Or rather none that aren’t kinda grey and depressing. Just give me a year or two though, and it will be daffodil city in here!

That being said… let’s tour anyway!

A little bunny nest on the hutch. This hutch here:

Like my new couch cushions? They have real down inserts and they were a huge splurge for me. Luckily I had a gift card or else we would not be here enjoying them together.

This is how the dining room table looks right now.

A little egg tower I made last year. I just don’t have that kind of patience for long-term crafting this year with all these boxes left to be unpacked and organized, so I’m glad it survived and I can still use it!

Of course Kennedy and I made a trip to Dollarama over Spring Break.

You can see here where my cardboard box basket thing ended up. Do you see that carpet? It hurts the eyes, I know. I usually try to hide it from you, but you have a right to know. Hopefully we’ll get some hardwood in here soon.

We don’t have any curtains hung yet, so we made this little banner as a temporary solution.

I also got a chance to clean up the mudroom a bit and make it feel a little more seasonally appropriate.
You’ve heard of cheap and cheerful? I call this cheap, ugly, and cheerful. I know it’s really not something I would usually like at all, but the bright colours still make me feel a little happier when I see them. There’s more too, but I’ll spare you! 
And that’s where we’ll stop for today. Thanks for touring with me!


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    It looks like you have been very busy turning your beautiful home into a cozy place! I love your gray bunny in the first shot, and your dining table display. The sofa cushions look very soft and comfy, I can see myself hanging out there with a good book. You are so funny, I love to read your posts…I always get a little laugh in. You are doing a good job decorating frugally. I like your use of natural materials. The burlap in the basket..Love that! xx

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    I love all of your decorations! You have such a fun decorating style. I love all the natural elements you use! I never would have noticed the carpet! :) You have such a gorgeous house! Thanks for linking up to the Stache Party! I featured this!

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