When things just work out.

Oh, I had big plans for my Valentine’s decorating this year, just like pretty much every holiday. Especially now, that I’ve been off work for four whole days, I thought for sure I would have all kinds of wonderful hand-made decorations and a giant feast planned as well.

Note to self: It takes just a little more than four days to change the world.

So, nothing monumental to show today. I did however, manage a few little moments of Valentine’s cheer around the house.

I hit up the dollar store and Walmart, looking for a few things Kennedy and I could put up for fun one day when her school was closed. I was thinking I’d just buy some cheap stuff and throw it away afterwards, and start the real collection of decorations next year, but I kind of like the way these cheapies look around here.

Glittery cherub things and some red transfer ware.

These heart pick things are just fun to put all over the place.

We didn’t do too much else. Can you spot the Valentine’s decor here?

(Oh man, I just realized I left the bag of trash on the floor from when I was cleaning up the laundry room earlier. Oops.)

Anyway, there it is! Just a single heart stuck in with the cedar, still there from Christmas. I just can’t let go of it yet.

More cedar and hearts in the dining room, along with some tea lights in my gramma’s silver sugar bowls, just in case we decide to have a romantic dinner or something.

I still don’t have anything planned though. I should probably get on that…


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    Very sweet and just the right touch. I love your tea lights in the antique silver and your cedar with the red hearts. And I love the way you explain everything, like we are right there and you are talking to us. You always make me laugh. Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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