Make Your Trash Can Less Trashy!

Well, I have this little white plastic trash can for my washroom. I’ve had it for about 10 years. I’ve always wanted to replace it with one of those fancy ones made out of ceramic or wood or whatever, but those things can run like $40. I’ve just never felt like we were there yet with any of our washrooms and we’re certainly not there with these washrooms in the new house yet.

The other day I got an idea for a quick fix.

This idea is an oldy but a goody for sure. Don’t like something? Wrap it in twine!

You know how it goes. Wrap wrap wrap, glue gun, wrap wrap wrap, burn your fingers.

I added a little “G” stamp for our last name. It occurred to me after that people might think the G is for Garbage. That works too!

It’s like a whole new trash can! Plus I think it looks kind of beachy, which is fun.

Total cost of this project: $2. $1 cause I ran out of twine and needed to buy more, and $1 cause I lost all my craft paints in a box somewhere and I needed white for the stamp.

That’s a whole lot better than $40 for sure!

Make your cheap plastic trash can look less trashy for around $1!


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    Love this idea! I just did a lamp shade in twine, except I used spray adhesive instead of the glue gun but if I did a garbage can I’d be glue gunning for sure. Love the little G, such a nice touch and it reminds me a little bit of Pottery Barn. Way to craft on the cheap, I love that!

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    $2 well spent I’d say! Love the look and how stylish it is for being a trash can :) We all need trashcans that look that good! Such a great idea.

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    Love this! I don’t think I could do that with our bathroom trash cans though, as I have 3 cats that would probably love to use the twine as their scratching post. 😮

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    I agree with Vanessa – this looks like something out of the Ballard’s catalog! Great idea that I will definitely be copying!

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    I love this idea. I was thinking of replacing the rest of my cheap little plastic cans but this will keep them out of the landfill and looks great. You can’t beat the cost either. I look forward to burning my fingers in the near future!

    Robin Flies South

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    Where did you buy your twine? I just bought some today and it was mega expensive! I bought the hemp cord at walmart, $9. It’s a medium size, not super fine, but not huge either. I won’t have enough to finish the project I’m on and can’t afford to do any more at that rate.

    I suspect there’s a better price somewhere, please tell me.

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    Brilliant!!! I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog to find so many cute and easy crafts to pin :) These even look like crafts I might actually do!

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    Hi Courtenay, I pinned this a long time ago and was going through my pins today – I am sharing it on my facebook page as I think my readers would find it something they would enjoy reading about and maybe trying… I used one image and it has a link back to your blog – thank you for sharing such a great project… Cathy


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