A Few Minutes of Winter and Some Big News for Me

Well, we’ve had about 5 minutes of Winter this year, total. I snapped a few pictures of it about a week ago and I thought I’d show you just how lovely it was.

I say was because we’re now back in full fledged brown muddy Spring weather again. Who can complain about Spring in February though?

I’ve been so looking forward to seeing our house looking like a big ol’ cake all covered in icing this year, but it looks like it’s just not going to happen. This little dusting we got was still pretty charming.

The fire pit and the barn out back. Those bricks are just leftover from a little sled jump that Kennedy and Chris rigged up across the creek one day when it was frozen. Safe. I know.

The creek. Don’t worry, it actually only about 8 inches deep. Wouldn’t that just make an awesome ice-skating track though? 
We have a few of these trees. Judging from what I’ve seen from other people who have these trees, you’re supposed to completely trim off all the new growth every Fall and as you can see, we did not. 
Well, we’ll just have to see what becomes of it this year and then I’ll trim it up next Fall when I have a little more time on my hands.
But wait, Courtenay, why will you have more time on your hands next Fall if you couldn’t get around to it this year?
Good question. Well, you see,  I quit my job.
That’s right. A week from today I will officially be a stay. at. home. mom. 
We’re getting settled in the new house now. The time is right. I can. And it’s just seems like the right thing for our family right now. 
Get used to hearing a whole lot more from me!
I had rather be on my farm
than be emperor of the world.
-George Washington


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    Pretty snow pics! Your creek would make a great skating track. A very pretty home. Congratulations on your new ‘profession’. I was a stay at home Mom, too. My kids are grown now and they tell me how much it meant to them to have a Mom available. We didn’t have much money, but we made up for it with creativity. Good luck and have fun! xx

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    congrats on you being a stay at home mom.. I wouldn’t have traded that for anything in the world. I will look forward to hearing more from you.. I love your blog!!

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    Your house and land are gorgeous! I don’t know where you live, but I’m here in northern IL and we’ve hardly had any snow here either…which is fine with me! I am envious of you quitting your job. I only work 3 days/week outside the home, but my job is SO stressful. I want to quit so badly, but we really need the extra income, as our son is in college. (Need I say more?!)

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