The Most Simple Front Hall Ever

I had my wisdom teeth out on Monday. It has not been a pretty week for me. So while I’m here on the couch feeling like death warmed over, I might as well post some of these pictures I took several weeks ago, right?

To the front hall!!

(I’ve also been on painkillers for several days, just an FYI)

I actually really love my front hall and even the weird trim color on the door is starting to grow on me, so I had big plans here. However, like with most of my projects, I started out by putting a few things up “just to see how they would look” and I liked it, so they stayed.

I used the last of my favorite dollar store ribbon. You can sorta see how it really works well with my Stars and Stripes in the corner there that doesn’t have a home yet.

A little burlap-wrapped Christmas Tree is always just the thing when I don’t know what to put somewhere.

One day I’ll refinish this whole banister, but for now I’ll just enjoy the chippy paint. The greenery and pinecone garland were just left over from something or other last year. Having them kind of loose and imperfect makes it feel more natural to me, like I went out back yesterday and cut some branches off my trees.

I’ve been working away bit by bit on pulling up these tiles and cleaning the wood underneath with paint thinner, so I’ve had the doors open quite a bit. The cats have been loving it. Chris did make a good point the other day though, that I probably don’t want to be opening up toxic chemicals in the house in the middle of winter, so I think the kitties will have to wait until Spring to get outside and get some more fresh air. Common sense….always getting in the way!

Oh well, that’s our front hall!


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