I went a little crazy with the cedar

I think I’ve started a new tradition here. I used a little bit of cedar last year in our old house and I loved it, but back then we only had a few little saplings in our little townhouse back yard.

This year I started out using my old dollar store greenery garlands, but then….

I realized that I have a giant hedge of cedar and pine that runs the whole length of our house now.  Neat huh?

I got to work.

On top of the fridge! Our name isn’t Field. Long story. Bottom line: Pottery Barn is great.

You haven’t seen much of this hutch, mostly because I can never really get it quite right. I love it like this though. Would it be weird if I just left the cedar up all winter? Yeah? OK, fine.

Excuse the blur. I wanted to show off my blue and white tureen that my mom gave me as an early Christmas present. My gramma sent me the little bowl beside it.

Stuffed into some pitchers.

With my gramma’s silver.
On top o’ the TV.
In the window with the barn out back.
OK, this is all fine and good, but it’s starting to look a little too pretty and perfect up in here, and I assure you: perfect it is not.
I just haven’t really bothered to straighten the cover on the couch yet. And that’s tape on my walls. I don’t really like those walls anyway.
OK, that’s enough reality for anyone. Back to the pretty in the dining room.
This little stand thing is just endlessly fun for me. 
In the bedroom.
Wait, did I just make weird 70s paneled walls look OK for a second there?
You bet I did! 
Well, that settles it then. I’m never going back to fake again!


  1. says

    Love this, your cedar is so pretty and I bet it smells wonderful! I love your new soup tureen and the pitcher in your dining room. Also love that you share your ‘real’ life… the cat on the cushion reminds me of home. Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  2. says

    Beautiful vignettes. I love real fresh cedar. Smells soooo good. I wish I had some but I love in town now so none for me this year. Have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas season.

  3. says

    I had to go fresh this year because we cleaned out the garage at the end of summer and I told hubby to take the bins (yes 2) of fake greenery to the thrift store. Of course being in suburbia some of my pine and cedar was from the grocery store and some from country ditches around here. Yours looks lovely.

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