Holiday Season Family Night

Kennedy has been trying to implement a “Family Night” for the three of us every Friday night. We try to do a nice dinner, and then some kind of activity afterwards together. Sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes a board game. You know, things like that.

The problem is, we’re not very good at the whole thing, and we keep having things come up on Friday nights that we “need” to get done, or we all get distracted and don’t end up doing our activity. So it’s a work in progress.

We still need dinner though! I decided to set a pretty table one Friday night to make it feel a bit special.


I did kind of a casual country Christmas theme. Bandanas for napkins, burlap wrapped mini trees, and my Target napkins for a little runner.

My mom gave me the napkin rings a few years ago. They’re not Christmassy at all, but I just felt like using them. 

You know, I never run out of ways to use my dollar store Christmas balls, or my dollar store trees for that matter.

Oh, you found my secret. It was a table set just for three, but it did the trick just fine.

I hope you’re finding lots of time this week leading up to Christmas to spend with your friends and family!


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