Big Ol’ Window

Hey, wanna see something else we found in our garage attic?

I’m not in love with these photos, but I am in love with this window. Chris was a little grossed out that I wanted to bring it inside, but how could I not? Just 15 or 16 passes with a rag and some soapy water and we were good to go! Spidies and spidey webs are no match for a girl with an idea that involves her house.

I actually didn’t really know what to do with it, but I knew I wanted to look at it all the time, so I stuck it in the dining room for now with a little twine garland. It works.

We think this may have originally been in the back wall of our garage, which is now covered up and a solid wall. One day, when we build our new 2 car garage/workshop, we plan to keep our old garage as a little outdoor entertaining building and install french doors off the back out to a deck over-looking the creek. Oh, big plans.

For now, I’m just enjoying my cute window.


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    Cute window indeed, Courtenay! Great that you only had to wipe the spiders off too. Love the ornaments in the tiered stand too. Thanks for the kind comment on my Christmas dining room. I wish I could walk out back and cut some fresh greenery like that. I bought some of mine but hope to get some more on a walk soon.

  2. says

    I love your window find! The little silver garland is perfect. I have a buffet very similar to yours. In one of your posts I thought it was a sewing machine. Yea, I need my glasses at all times, lol. It must be fun to live in a house that has secret treasures!

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    Nice find! People will pay big money for those windows! I love using windows (especially old ones) in decorating. The bells (or ornaments?)are a super cute touch!

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