Old Glass Insulators From Our Garage

Oh, the fun things we find around here…

Up today for your appreciation: A bunch of old glass insulators!

Chris found a whole box of these in our garage attic along with some other fun stuff I’ll share with you another time.

One day we’ll have a whole row of beautiful white built-ins along this wall in the living room and these guys can sit on their own perfectly lighted shelf and look just perfect.

Well, it’s not going to be perfect any time soon, but it can at least look kind of OK and I can have some fun playing around.

I wanted this shelf they sit on to “pop” a little more so I painted the back of the shelf the same red as our mudroom door. Well, in here with this lighting, it’s not so much of a pop as maybe a little peep, but it only took me 20 minute to do. No harm done.

The weathervane was outside when we moved in. We brought it in and gave it a spray of clear coat and it can come inside to play too!
I’ve been in love with this house from Traditional Home for about a year or so, so any opportunity to get in on a weathervane, I’m all for.

It’s almost the same thing, right?

OK, maybe not, but at least I can still enjoy our finds until we can give them a proper home.


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    I’ve seen those before at estate sales and flea markets and such. Never knew what they were. I always thought they were cool looking though. What were they used for do you know?

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    So you found something useful in your garage, huh? Keep digging! Maybe you can find even more interesting and memorable stuff in there, like photo albums … Did you just use those glasses for display? I guess they can still be used in the kitchen or as tools in painting. Hmmn.

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