The November Table

Every new month that passes in our new house, I just gain a new appreciation for. I was so in love with September this year, when I’ve never really found it to be anything remarkable in years past. October was so exciting with all the harvesting of crops going on around us. Now I’m really loving how quiet and calm November is while we cozy up inside and get ready for all the Christmas hubub.

I was playing around and I came up with this tablescape that kinda reflects the season for me.

I found these light blue stoneware salad plates on sale at my wonderful Superstore on clearance for 92 cents each! They were left over from Spring/Summer stuff, but I think they work just perfectly for right now. 

I’m a little in love with them and their glazy goodness.

For a centerpiece, I just put down some paper doilies that caught my eye. They were sitting out ready for Christmas crafts with Kennedy, but I decided to borrow them. She can have them back after, I promise. Some old pine cones, some dollar store candles, a little crystal plate, and we’re all set. 

Well, that was fun for a minute or two wasn’t it? Now that I’ve got that out of my system, bring on the Christmas!

Ok, you caught me…. I’ve already started working on it.


  1. says

    That is a great deal you got on those pretty plates and a lovely tablescape. I love the simplicity of November too. Our twelve year old son came home from school just now wanting to put up the outdoor Christmas lights, or an indoor tree, because many neighbours have been busy this weekend putting up lights. His dad might let him help put up a few lights outdoors tonight.

  2. says

    I love your tablescape with the new blue plates. Your table is gorgeous, I love your chairs, too, and the piece in the background… an old sewing machine? Very pretty. xx

  3. Betty819 says

    Oh, she’s a tablescaper too! Do you sew? Some nice colorful placemats with cloth napkins would be pretty with that setting.

    Seems like you’ve accomplished so much in such a short time. Looks like you’ve lived there for a long time and everything seems so organized. Pat yourselves on the back..great accomplishments.

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