We have a garden!…Well, we have a dirt rectangle.

We’re planning on starting a garden next Spring, so we had to dig up the grass in a section of the property because there wasn’t any garden from when the last owners lived here.

We decided to tackle the huuuuuge task this fall so that we’ll have a nice level area to make a skating rink for this Winter and then in the Spring, we can get right to work planting.

It’s really just a dirt rectangle right now, but we have plans for a white picket fence around it with gates on either end and berries planted all around. Maybe next year. Maybe.

Lucky for us the old owners left behind a whole bunch of amazing garden tools for us, which made the job really fun.

A rusty old red wheelbarrow. You know getting to use something as cool as this would make even the most reluctant gardener at least a little tempted to get to work.

I actually used a pitch fork! For something other than just posing for funny pictures!

And how amazing is this pile of bricks?

Chris found these behind the garage when he was landscaping back there. He just stacked them up neatly until we decide what to do with them.

We think they must have dumped them back there when they were tearing out the wall between the original house and the master bedroom addition.

Any great ideas out there for what to do with it?


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    I can’t wait to see your garden come together! It sounds great with the picket fence. Love the wheelbarrow! The bricks would be a great walkway in your new garden, maybe. xx

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    I would love a skating rink! How wonderful to be able to use this piece for a rink and then a garden.. great idea! As for the bricks.. I love them.. a walkway.. is what comes to my mind.. good luck!

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    looking forward to seeing your garden come together. i third the walkway thru the garden idea….will remove some of the maintaince of the garden if you make the pathways of something that doesnt grow!!.

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    That is so exciting I can’t wait to have a garden one day. Thank you so much for sharing and for linking up to last weeks show and share. We hope to see you and your newest project on Wednesday.

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

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    My hubby used a huge pile of old bricks to make a mowing edge between the grass and gravel. He dug a trench, filled it wil sand, layed the bricks on their sides, tamped them in. It works great and no grass has grown in between the bricks. If you want more info, email me. I could even send a photo.

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