Harvesty Corn Bundles

I did an easy little craft a couple of weeks ago when I was setting up my fall mudroom and I’m pretty much in love with it. I felt like I was making real authentic country fall decorations now that we live in a real authentic country house, but then it occurred to me that I could have been making these all these years when I lived in the city, I just never thought of it.

Wanna make some with me? OK!

So, just go out back to the cornfield and grab yourself about 6 ears of corn…. What? You don’t have a cornfield out back?

OK, I’m bragging. Just let me have this.

It occurred to me that you can just buy the corn in the husks from the grocery store too and that would be perfect. Peel the husks back but leave them attached. Let the corns dry out for a couple of days, then get down to business.

There’s really nothing to it. Grab three corns together and tie them tightly with twine, then stand back and admire.
There it is. Pure harvesty goodness.
Why don’t you make some too? Trust me, you’ll love them.



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    found my way over here from modern country styles link party (always looking for mud room inspiration) and had to look into more pics of that amazing house. So rare to see a country house like that. But what were they thinking with the stickers? have they really just put them on the floorboards? That sounds insane. I had something simular in a pre-pre-previous flat bathroom and painted it over with floor-paint, the ultra srong version. It might be something to think about for quick fix. have you tried to peel in a corner to see what is under the sticker? If you are lucky it is a board of some sort. Take care and have a happy fall!

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