Stupendously Amazing Fall Flowers

Check out these beautiful Fall floral arrangements I got for myself!

I know, right?

I just love me.

I am so super nice.

Here’s another!


Actually, they were free. I’m still nice though. 

Although this time of year we start to think of fading plants and falling leaves, if you look outside around the edges of ponds and creeks in my little corner of the world, you’ll see a lot of wild flowers just coming into bloom now.

I mentioned back in August how our creek was sprayed with pesticides, so a lot of the native plant species aren’t growing there that should. I was still able to find a few interesting plants to cut though.

Free flowers right from my own property! I love when I can be all resourceful like that. Resourcefulness is awesome. 

Next year, we’ll be planting along the edges of the creek so it won’t be accessible to the sprayermobiles, then we’ll go out and collect some of the pretty native plants around here from other creeks and bring them home! 
Next year when I bring me flowers, I can bet I’ll be even more impressed with myself and all my new varieties of free wildflowers I can put all over the house.

I just have to remember to shake all the little buggies out first…


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    You are so resourceful! Your arrangements look just beautiful. I was just surveying my back yard this morning (of all the work I need to do out there) and it struck me that even thought it is getting cooler, some of the flowering plants that I thought had finished their blooming are having like a mini-resurgence. I guess they like the cooler weather too.

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    Aren’t the free roadside (creekside) flowers the absolute best. Isn’t God so good. He even made the weeds beautiful and you just can’t beat free!

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    Fabulous wildflowers! Thanks for linking up to The “Autumn Décor” Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

    P.S. Please send me an email when you get the party button added. Then I can get your project to show in the party linky. :)

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