The September Table

I bought myself a couple of new toys the other day when I was out. Just cause I felt like I deserved it.

I had an hour or so to myself so I brought them home and started playing around with them on the dining room table, along with some junk from my “fall box”. I ended up with something I thought I might like to keep around for awhile, even though I wasn’t planning on coming up with anything spectacular.

My first new toy is this black chicken wire stand thing (what are these even called in the real world?). Pretty much, you throw a bunch of junk in it and it looks perfect.

I also picked up this little hanging mason jar. I know I could make it, but it was 2 bucks, so I splurged.

A few of you told me that fall colors would work just find with my weird turquoise walls, but I have to say I was a non-believer. I think I get it now though.
It’s kind of like a clear blue sky shining over the changing leaves on frost dusted tree-tops on a crisp fall day.
I know, so poetic, right?

I’m calling this my September table, because ultimately I’d like to do something a little later in the season with pumpkins and gourds and real leaves and whatnot. Everything on this table was just stuff I had leftover from last year. (Except the apples, that would be gross.)

This is kinda harvesty with the apples and the gingham, but in a pinch, I’m sure I could keep it clear through Thanksgiving and not sweat it one little bit.

And yes those are moving boxes you can still see in the background.

Black stand thingy, mason jar, and white pitcher: Winners. White bowl and apples: Superstore. Branches, decor balls, and candles: Walmart. White star: Michael’s. Pinecones: Some park.


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    Oh, the red gingham demanded my attention right away!.. but I love the bittersweet set in the mason jar as well!.. Candles, fresh apples.. Altogether, a lovely tablescape! ~tina

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    Hi, I’m visiting from Cozy Little House to say welcome! I love the way you do things – I always call things “this thingie” because I can’t remember what it’s really called :) and honestly I’d probably have the apples in the attic for a year and then … well, let’s not go there. Your house is gorgeous and I love your fall decor – great job!

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    I’m stopping by from Cozy Little House. Love your September table. The tiered wire stand is lovely. I recently found something similar while thrifting that I hope to use to copy you! The gingham, the canning jar, the bittersweet and the candle really all work together to make this a really nice vignette.

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    Your Fall tablescape is very pretty. I was reading your old your creek and it will be pretty next year with flowers. We have a cat but I’ve never seen her drink from the faucet.

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    You did a great job to get that early fall look1 I bought similiar mason jars because they were cheap and done already! I don’t know what that wire stand is called but I know I need one!

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    Hi I just found your blog through Shabby Nest. I was looking through your blog and I just love it. I couldn’t help but notice that you were moving to Chatham? I was wondering if it was Ontario? I’m from the Chatham/Windsor area, but just relocated to Saskatchewan 3 years ago. Drop by my blog and say hi sometime.
    Katie @

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