Groundbreaking Gourds

I went to the Farmer’s Market.

I bought some gourds.

I put those gourds down on the dresser in the dining room until I had time to put them into a vignette on a mantle or  an entryway or such.

The gourds looked good.

I took pictures.

End o’ story.

Disclaimer: I realize this post may or may not have been seen as groundbreaking to all. The title was intended for joke purposes only due to the simple nature of the post and the obvious lack of groundbreaking material involved there-within . Also, I’m hilarious like that.


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    Great Gourds! These are just terrific and who need to do more arranging when they look this good!

    I would be delighted if you would link to Potpourri Friday, currently in progress! There is also a giveaway!

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    Groundbreaking or not, the gourds are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to The “Autumn Décor” Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

    P.S. Please send me an email when you get the party button added. Then I can get your project to show in the party linky. :)

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