Farmer’s Market Style

Reason number 8976 why I love our new home in the country: This is the land of real food.

There are fields and orchards growing just about anything you could want around here and we love to stop in at our favorite farmer’s market on the way out to the beach to pick up some of that goodness.

 I always find it really beautiful and inspiring to see all that fresh produce displayed in bins and on table tops in the markets, and I wanted to bring a little of that inspiration home with me.

Nothing fancy, just produce on a counter. I used some plain bowls to display everything, so the fruits and veggies are in plain sight and they’re the first thing I think of when I’m planning my meals.

Of course, you’ve gotta have some barn yard animals around…

Seriously, does anyone else have a cat that does this?

 Only the tomatoes came from our property, but we’re hoping to grow all this and much much more next year. 


Maybe even a vineyard one day?

 That might take a few years.
For now I’ll just enjoy these beautiful local grapes in my new $5 President’s Choice bowl. I love this bowl! 
Life is good when the simple things make you happy…


  1. says

    wow.. what a great bounty!! Love the grapes and the butternut squash.. I wish I could send some of mine your way!! I’ll be making grape jelly with my grapes as soon as our first frost hits.. Really like the simplicity of the bowls filled with produce!

  2. says

    *sigh!* There’s nothing like fresh, homegrown produce, Courtenay! We luv luv luv walking out to our veggie garden and picking our dinner during the summer! :) My new love….? Spaghetti squash! It’s fun to eat with spaghetti sauce and so much healthier than pasta!

    xoxo laurie

  3. says

    My cat Pip does that all the time (and she happens to be black and white too.) She runs in the bathroom in the morning as I head in there, and hops in the sink. Sometimes after she has a drink she curls up in there for awhile.
    Animals are so funny!
    Great photos!

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