Late August at The Creek Line House

Right now I have myself a big ol’ case of the next-year-I’ll-do-betters. Inside, at our house, there’s pretty much nothing that indicates the pre-fall-ness of the season. Or the the Summeryness of the season either for that matter.

OK, we’ve only been in this house for a month and two days, so I’ll cut myself some slack on that one.

Outside on the property though, there are so many things happening that we had nothing to do with, that really indicate the season and give us a sense of a place in time.

I took a little stroll around yesterday to try to capture the last few bits of August before September takes over tomorrow.

An old doorway behind the barn. The grass is cut back here, but no one has bothered to trim the weed away this year.

A giant spiderweb over one of the barn’s window openings, with the sunlight streaming through.

The cornfields are full and tall enough to touch the sky.

The barn.

They’ve been spending all week tilling (is that what you call it?) the field across the street, now that the wheat is all harvested. Last night it seemed like they were finally done their big job.

These fields are endless and they’re my favorite place to watch the sunset, although last night I was out a bit early to catch it.

Some kind of root vegetable is growing here but what, I don’t know. Harvest time is coming soon!

There are some random stalks of corn growing in the soy field and the farmer has sprayed them to try to get rid of them before it’s time to harvest the soy. The corn is turning a very Fall-y shade of red and I think I might help the farmer by removing a few stalks for him to Fall up the front of the house.

The barn in the evening.

The barn through the corn.

I just can’t get enough of the corn.

We’re very unhappy to see our creek looking like this. The city came in and sprayed for frogs and cat tails a couple of weeks ago. Next year we’ll be planting all along the creek so they can’t access it. Don’t they know how great cat tails are for Fall decorating?

I can’t wait to look back on all these pictures in a few months when everything is so different and remember what it looked like during our first month here.

What do you do to mark the changing of the season?


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    ‘Help the farmer’…?! You’re just SO thoughtful, Court!!! Do you know? We don’t really do Autumn/Fall decorating in the Uk – do you think we’re missing out? I really like all the seasonal decorating you do…I might have to think up a plan…


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    I have to admit I don’t do much seasonal decorating… at least not recently. But I can remember helping my mom decorate for ever season and holiday. I enjoyed it as a child but now I”m happy to just have a clutter free house (which hasn’t been happening, ha ha!)

    Depending on where you live it looks like the farmer might be growing sugar beets. My grandparents grew sugar beets, great northern beans, and corn on their farm in the pan handle of Nebraska. Here in Indiana we see lots of corn, soy beans, wheat, and plum tomatoes. Our house is surrounded by an organic farm so we don’t have to worry about spraying which is I am thankful for…. as I’m slightly allergic to the chemicals.

    Enjoy your day! And upcoming Labor day weekend!!

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