I just love a good barn.

This is our barn.

Well, no. I lied. This is the barn across the creek from our house. The 150 acre property with the barn was owned by the family that used to own our house for the last 180 years or so, or at least that’s what we hear. 25 years-ish ago, they sold all but the 1.5 acres that we have around our house to a farmer.

Truthfully though, we never see a soul around that part of the property, so we cut the grassy area around it and use it for soccer games and golf practice. Plus I’m pretty sure no one loves that barn like we do, so we call it ours!

I like to walk down the side of the creek in the mornings. When I turn around to come back, the barn always looks so perfect, I just can’t help but take a few photos.

This barn is relatively new compared to the history of the property. The numbers on the front say “1951”.

If ever there was a more perfect setting for a barn than in the middle of a corn field, I have not seen it.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a barn I didn’t like, but this one, of course, is my new favorite.

Are you a secret barn addict too? Go ahead, leave me of those wonderful comments and let me know that I’m not a crazy barn stalker!

Or at least that I’m not alone…


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    I love barns! A few years ago someone who worked in the local bakery was telling me about his barn and I told him that for some strange reason, I am absolutely smitten with barns. Can’t say why for sure but I love ’em! I once went to an authentic barn sale and I was so excited I thought I would faint. A friend and I were climbing the ladders into the loft and we found all kinds of goodies.

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    NO you are definitely NOT alone! There is a restaurant about an hour away that we love to go to…. and it is in a BARN! Or what once was a barn…. and there are other barns on the property because they are an organic dairy. Barns remind me of my grandparents… :)

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    Love your barn too. I’m so daffy for barns, we have a ‘barn cat’ for our mushroom shed, named ‘Barney’.
    It must run in our family, when my aunt travels she takes photos of barns & after making copies, sends her duplicates to me. I have a barn photo album. My prize photo is of an octagonal brick barn that was near my old home in Portland.

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    i love barns too! i dream to restore and live in one someday. in the meantime i take tons of pictures.

    thanks for sharing your barn, its lovely.

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    There is just something about barns that cut right to your heart, isn’t there? One of the reasons we bought out old place is because of the barn. It was in pretty bad shape, but we found a wonderful man to repair the damage and restore it to beautiful condition.

    You’re not alone … there are a lot of us barn stalkers out there.

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