Where we’ve been living, deep in the heart of Suburbia, is pretty much the exact opposite of the small town, country lifestyle we’re about to undertake. Still, Suburbia has it’s high points. 

I like to go for walks in the evening through a neighborhood one block over, where the houses are a little bigger, the grass is a little greener, and everything is just a little more perfect. I thought I’d take you on a little tour as a tribute to this neighborhood I’ve enjoyed so much. 

Come on! Let’s go!

 My street is connected to this street we’re about to tour by a path through a little ravine area.

As you walk a little further down the path, you start to see the tops of the houses. These are just your typical upper middle class look-alike houses. 

As you walk down the streets, here’s what you see.

All the houses are very well-cared for.

All the houses have neatly trimmed gardens.

If you find yourself on a walk here in the evening, you’ll see that everyday at exactly 7pm, all the neighbors come out to put on their sprinklers.

I often feel like I might just see the opening credits of some family comedy movie start to roll by me as I walk down these streets. 

After I walk by the houses, I like to make my way to the pond located right behind them.

We’ve been coming down here for years to see all kinds of birds in the early Summer mornings, and for skating in the Winter.

That’s a lot of pictures of a pond, I know, but with a setting like that, how can I stop?

That brings our little tour to a close! Hope you enjoyed yourself. 

Please exit to your right, through the gift shop, and have a great day!


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    Courtenay, Hi there! Not sure exactly how but I stumbled upon your blog this evening. I am intrigued by your story. I to just moved from the city to the country and I am renovating my new home. I would love for you to visit my blog. I just finished my dinning room and before that my stairwell. I see that you have that same project to tackle. Ah, so much to do. My best wishes to you! Your new home is beautiful! Johnnie

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    Just found your blog thru DIY by Design – so glad I did. I just love reading blogs about moving into a new home, and can’t wait to see how you turn this beautiful farm house into a lovely home for your family.

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    Hi! I saw your post over at Sherry’s Open House Party. So you are moving? What an adventure in so many ways. I enjoyed seeing all your photos but especially the pond. The pond is so big that it’s hard to imagine in this hot weather that it will be frozen enough this winter to skate on!

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