Setting the Stage

I’ve shared some of these photos on my old blog before, when we were going through the home inspection stage of buying our house, but I thought I might just show off a bit again for any newbies out there. 

So this is where the magic will happen:

The view from the back yard.

Looking in the other direction.

The old garage with the cool sliding door.

The winding staircase that needs to be completely re-done.

The front entryway. Also needing a lot of work. The aqua paint color is kinda in style right now though….

We just found out that we’ll be able to do a walk through the house tomorrow while we’re in town seeing our lawyer, which we did not expect at all. Bonus!

We’re also going to have some more amazing weather this weekend, so we can’t very well not go to the lake, right? 

I’ll be back on Monday with all the updates!


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